Could SLO-MO Be The Next Travel Trend?

by Kanika Sharma
Could SLO-MO Be The Next Travel Trend?

Packed itineraries, back to back destinations, and one-to-many pitstops: that’s the way most of us have been travelling. In a rush! However, seeing how the current scenario has brought all travel plans to a stand still, getting back to the regular pace, seems like a distant dream as of now. But a recent study suggests that the pace of travels and explorations are expected to slow down. So what’s it going to be like?

Air Travel: From First Choice To Last Resort 

According to numerous news reports, it will take at least a year for people to return to their usual ways of travel. The industry has been so extensively hit, and the fear of global pandemic is so far instilled into the brain of the people, that backpacking or destination hopping will not be a part the itinerary. With expensive flight tickets and 14-day quarantine rule, airports will be avoided until absolutely important. So, how does one find the remedy of after being bitten by the travel bug?

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Next Best Thing

Railways and roadways! Train journeys, or travelling by four-wheelers; definitely slows things down but the memories made stay on for much longer. You may not remember what you did on the two-hour or six-hour flight, but you will definitely remember the pit-stops during your 8-10 hour long road trip. How a sunny day turned into a drive in the rain; and how a roadside stall ends up serving you probably the best cup of chai you ever had in your life.

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Remember the time when we would pack our bags, food for the next two days and get on train, with the destination being 48hrs away? Card games, board games, conversations with fellow passengers who would then probably end ups becoming friends and extended family. It’s time to relive those moments again.

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Many of us like to travel to unexplored destinations; but more often than not, these unexplored destinations end up being quite far away and cost a lot too. I have travelled to a few countries abroad, but I still feel that I haven’t been able to explore India completely yet. The small villages, the untouched corners, and the world heritage sites. So, let’s not underestimate what is within the the proximity. Seek and you shall find it all within the budget and the distance.

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According to a survey conducted, in 2020, 66% of Indian travellers plan to take slower modes of transport to reduce their environmental impact, versus the global average of 48%. Seeing the kind of effect that the lockdown has had on the nature, the air, and the surroundings, it is believed that cautious travellers will make sound choices.

Stop And Stare

When was the last time that you did not have a checklist when you travelled. Being at one place for more number of days means finding more time for immersive experiences. Though a lot of people do it even now. They would spend days in a remote village and experience the culture than go to the famous spots just to get that one Instagram click or a status update.

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Now, since many travellers will try to avoid multiple locations and coming into contact with many people, this may lead to them wanting to spend more time at one particular destination; which will make it much more than a postcard photo-op.

Slo-Mo Is Better Than Fomo

In that urge to cater to FOMO (fear of missing out), we make our travels so exhausting that we need a holiday ago recuperate after we return from one. Now, considering that we would be stepping out seldom, we would definitely want to soak soak in every bit of the moment spent outdoors; be it longer train journeys or longer road trips.

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In fact, according to reports 72% (as compared to a global average of 57%) don’t really mind spending more time to reach a destination. A unique mode of transport would be cherry on the cake. Palace on Wheels is a royal luxury train in India that takes you to Rajasthan and lets you lead a royal life, while on the move. Similarly, the Orient Express, though inspired by the iconic Agatha Christie crime novel, Murder On The Orient Express, is a train journey that not only a book lover but traveller would also like to experience.

Taking into consideration all the factors that are changing not only the course of travel, but also nature, we are now learning how to make the most of a slow-paced life in the most sufficient manner. When climate change activist, Greta Thunberg embarked on her Atlantic voyage, everyone was pleasantly surprised; but not many thought about implementing that in their own travel journeys. But let’s give it a try now. Why don’t we? We have the perfect excuse to slow things down.