10 Street Foods From Mohammed Ali Road We Are Missing Right Now

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai
by Gizel Menezes

Mumbaikars! The delicious kebabs, haleem, paya soup from Mohammed Ali Road is something we definitely miss right now. However, for the first time in 250 years, Mumbai’s iconic Mohammed Ali Road remains shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although a food paradise for meat lovers, Mohammed Ali Road has something for every foodie. So we at Curly Tales decided to make a list of all the food we’re craving from Mohammed Ali Road right now.

1. Kebabs

There is no good starter than a luscious, juicy, melt-in-your mouth kind of kebab. In fact, kebabs of all kinds are so yum! Hindustan Chota Kebab at Mohammed Ali Road serves the best kebabs you’ll ever taste in your life! So this is exactly what #CTCraves for right now during this lockdown.

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

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2. Baida Roti

The humble layered parantha with spicy mince filling and a coating of eggs fulfils all our hunger pangs without making too much noise! And is always a winner!  Gorging on a flaky, flavoursome baida roti at Mohammed Ali Road is something that just makes our mouth water right now.

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3. Nalli Nihari

Chinese N Grill at Mohammed Ali Road serves the best nalli nihari at Mohammed Ali Road. Nihari is a slow-cooked mutton curry dish, rich in flavor and taste. Originating from the Arabic word ‘Nahar’ which means ‘day’, we are literally craving this beauty every day! Apart from the street food in Mumbai, I’m sure you also miss the delicious street food in Delhi.   

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

Image Courtesy: Yummraj

4. Haleem

A classic meat preparation made of mutton, whole spices and dals, haleem is one of the most nutritious dishes you will eat. Made with pure ghee, it’s the best meal to break one’s fast with. One of the richest and ridiculously thick haleem dishes can be found at Hyderabadi Badami Haleem, which we can’t wait to taste SOON! You can also find really good haleem at Frazer Town in Bangalore.  

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

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5. Paya Soup

Give me a bowl of paya soup every day during this lockdown and I will be good. That bowl is warm, comforting and super flavourful and all things calming! The paya soup you find at Mohammed Ali Road is velvety and luxurious, its perfect for a chilly day.

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

Image Courtesy: Yummraj

6. Biryani

Many of us are craving for a hot place of delicious biryani to help us get through this lockdown. When we think of biryani how can we forget the biryani served in the street stalls of Mohammed Ali Road?  There are stalls in plenty where you can get various kinds of biryani. Although Sahil Restaurant, well-known for its famed Moradabadi biryani, is our best bet. Well until you can feast on that biryani, we at Curly Tales have a sumptuous Egg Biryani recipe for you, which you can prepare and devour from the comfort of your home. 

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

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7. Malpua With Rabdi

Ending your meals with piping hot malpuas and chilled, creamy rabdi is a literally a treat for your palate. Something we’re craving too much right now! We remember the times when we could chill with our friends, devouring street food at Mohammed Ali Road. The malpuas and rabdi would be our icing on the cake after feasting on a matter of kebabs and other delicacies. If you’re craving for desserts then out Chief Editor Kamiya Jani has a special bread rasmalai recipe for you. 

#CTCraves street food from mohammed ali road mumbai

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While we can try creating most of these dishes at home, the sheer experience of indulging in these dishes at Mohammed Ali Road amidst thousands of people is a feeling that words can’t describe! All we can do is walk down memory lane to the time when we last enjoyed amazing Ramadan treats at our favourite adda in Mumbai.

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