Customs Checklist: List Of Things That Are Allowed And Not Allowed While Entering India

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Customs Checklist: List Of Things That Are Allowed And Not Allowed While Entering India

Travelling to any country by air comes with many rules and regulations. The first check that you will go through is at customs. Going through customs means that the officers will be checking your visa and luggage to make sure that you are not bringing anything illegal into the country. It also refers to making sure that you are not bringing things that are not allowed. Here is a list of things that are allowed and not allowed while entering India.

Customs Checklist

List Of Allowed Items

1. Personal Items
2. Souvenirs and gifts up to ₹15,000
3. If you are a resident of India coming back after a year, you can bring jewellery worth ₹50,000 (for men) and ₹1,00,000 (for women).
4. Alcohol like liquor, wine and beer up to 2 litre
5. Silver that weighs below 10kgs
6. Up to 2 pets (dogs and cats) are allowed but with appropriate vaccinations and tests.
7. Plants and Seeds that are approved as per the plant quarantine system in India.
8. Laptop and computers but under the free allowance limit.
9. The free allowance ranges from 15,000 to 50,000 depending on your point of origin.
10. Currency limit allowed: Traveler’s checks and similar items up to $10,000 US dollars, or foreign cash up to $5,000 US dollars, must be declared for all passengers including NRIs (Non-Residential Indian).

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List Of Not Allowed Items

1. No firearms or other weapons are allowed.
2. More than 50 cartridges in your possession
3. More than 100 cigarettes in your possession
4. More than 125 grams of tobacco
5. Any gold or silver item which is not in the form of ornaments or jewellery.
6. LCD, LED or Plasma TVs
7. Substances that fall under the category of narcotics or psychotropics category.

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Make sure you check this list before leaving!

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