Dairy Milk Pakodas Prove You Can Make Pakoda Out Of Any Ingredient. Yay or Nay?

by Sanmita A
Dairy Milk Pakodas Prove You Can Make Pakoda Out Of Any Ingredient. Yay or Nay?

The Internet is brewing weird food combinations, and Netizens do not seem pleased with it. We have encountered various food combinations mixing different dishes — Maggi with ice cream or chocolate, squid pizza, Kangaroo pizza and more. Now, what is currently trending on the Internet is Dairy milk pakodas. Yes, a video of a lady dipping Dairy Milk chocolate in besan to fry is going viral on the Internet. Here’s the story behind this weird food combination.

Dairy Milk Pakodas & The Thought Behind This Concept?

The Internet brings us weird food combinations every other day. Street food vendors in India are experimenting with entirely bizarre food combinations. One such is the Dairy Milk Pakodas which have blown our minds. A woman with a stall setup of pakodas opens a bar of chocolate, dips it in besan and fries the same in oil. Yes, deep fries the chocolate until it turns golden brown. This got our attention after the pizza combination served with ice cream topping. However, the daily milk pakodas are as weird as they can get.


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Instead of This, What Other Legit Pakodas Are A Must Try?

After watching this video, you must be indeed brimming with anger and numerous questions. The Dairy Milk Pakodas is a sin and nothing else for the pakoda lovers, and we agree. If you must have noticed, the Netizens are not very happy with the combination. However, if you are a pakoda lover, certain types of fritters will satisfy your food soul. A few of them are easy to make at home and can be relished with your evening cup of tea. Try the onion pakodas, potato, spinach, paneer, cabbage or even chicken or fish pakodas.

Make them today, and get over the horror of this dairy milk pakoda ruining the day for a few of us!

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