5 Delicacies From Udupi That Are A Must Try!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Delicacies From Udupi That Are A Must Try!

Udupi is a beautiful coastal town in Karnataka. The town is famous for some of the most historic temples and pristine beaches. It is known as the ancient town of the south. The city is also known for some of the most lip-smacking cuisines it is home to. The cuisine here is simple yet flavourful. So the next time you visit this wonderful town make sure to try these delicious dishes. 

1. Kori Rotti

Kori is known as ‘chicken’ in the local language of the place and Rotti is a thin crisp flatbread made out of rice. Kori Roti is a lip-smacking combination of kori rassa or chicken curry which is generously spread over the rotti and then relished. The crispy roti turns soft because of the hot gravy and tastes delicious. 

Pic Credits: Archana’s Kitchen

2. Bissi Bele Bhaat 

You do not have to see the time to relish the delicacy. Bissi Bele Bhaat is an extremely popular dish in Udupi. It is a flavourful and rich dish made out of vegetables, lentils and rice. It is served with papadam and pickle. The meaning of the name, Bissi Bele Bhaat is hot lentil rice and is generally served hot with ghee on top. 

Pic Credits : Wikipedia

3. Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is a crepe made out of rice batter and is very thin. The word neer means water in the local language. The dosa tastes yummy with everything from coconut chutney to sambhar. If you are a non-vegetarian make sure you try neer dosa with chicken curry or chicken dry. 

Pic Credits : NephroPlus

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4. Masala Dosa

Masala dosa today is found on every street of every state or city but if you want to eat the most authentic masala dosa, make sure to have it in Udupi. The masala potato filling and the crisp dosa will simply melt your heart. The taste of this dosa is enhanced because of the coconut chutney and sambhar it is served with. 

Pic Credits : Palate’s Desire

5. Moode

Moode can be easily described as cylindrical idlis made in turmeric, banana or jackfruit leaves. The rice batter for idli is poured into these cylindrical moulds made out of these leaves and steamed. The dish is served hot with chutney or also eaten with curry and is also made during festivals. 

Pic Credits: Pakashashtra

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