Experts Say Major Earthquake Might Jolt Delhi Soon

by Suchismita Pal
Experts Say Major Earthquake Might Jolt Delhi Soon

After the occurrence of about ten low to moderate tremours in Delhi NCR in the last one and a half months, earthquake experts have warned about a powerful tremor in the Capital city. As notified by Dr. Kalachand Sain, Chief of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, the exact time, place or scale couldn’t be predicted, however, the constant seismic activity going around the NCR region can trigger a major earthquake. Delhi also falls under seismic zone-4 of, which is called the High Damage Risk Zone. Also, a large number of high-rise buildings in the border towns had been constructed without following the mandatory earthquake-resistant guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Precautions To Take If A Powerful Earthquake Occurs In Delhi

The earthquakes that took place in Delhi in the last couple of months were of magnitudes measuring between 2.3 to 4.5. As per reports, a tremor of magnitude 5.5 or more can have fatal consequences. If you’re someone who is residing in Delhi now, you cannot stop the earthquake from happening, but you can at least take some necessary precautions beforehand. Here are some things you can do to help yourselves if the disaster occurs:

1. Make an emergency kit/bag and put all the valuable items like important documents, extra phones, a few clothes, gadgets and more inside it.

2. Know about the safe and danger spots in each room. The safe spots are usually under sturdy tables or desks or things alike. The danger spots are near mirrors, windows, hanging objects, fireplaces and huge furniture.

3. Prepare a first-aid kit with necessary medicines, band-aid, face-masks, extra sanitizers, crepe bandages and more.

4. Make a list of emergency phone numbers.

5. Keep objects that are flammable in lower shelves or cabinets.

6. Put glassware and heavy objects too in lower cabinets

7. If you’re staying in a large building or complex, identify the various exit routes.

8. Install latches on cupboard doors.

9. Update home insurance policies.

10. Secure large appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters and more with bolts and straps.

11. Take photos of important documents that might be required for insurance purposes.

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What Else?

According to a report on ‘seismic hazard microzonation’ by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, most areas along the Yamuna and its flood plain, including densely populated colonies in East Delhi, can be worst affected by the earthquake. Places in Delhi falling under the ‘high-hazard zone’ are Paschim Vihar, Sarita Vihar, North Campus, Shakarpur, Rithala, Wazirabad, Janakpuri, Jahangirpuri, Gita Colony, Karol Bagh, Rohini and Bawana. Also, Gurgaon falls in the riskiest zone.

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Delhi is closer to the Himalayan region where numerous earthquakes of over magnitude 8 have taken place. Studies have revealed that some of these major tremors might severely affect the Delhi-NCR region. If the earthquake hits, protect your head and body from flying objects. Stand against a wall near the building’s centre or crawl under a table or desk, if you’re indoors. If outside, keep a safe distance from power lines and electric posts. If you’re inside a car, stop your car immediately but not beneath a flyover or a bridge. Overall, do not panic, stay calm and act according to the situation. Your presence of mind will be extremely crucial to take the right steps.