Fly From Mumbai To Bangkok With Vistara Airways Starting August 5

by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 174

With the world welcoming travellers once again, the airlines have also increased their number of flights from and to major travel destinations. In India, Vistara Airways will be flying travellers from the Mumbai airport to Bangkok from August 5 onwards. There will be around five weekly flights from Mumbai to Bangkok, making it easier for people seeking to holiday in the right season. At the moment, Vistara only operates flights from the Delhi airport to Bangkok. However, flights run on a daily basis from Delhi.

Huge Benefit For Flight Services, Increased Convenience For Mumbaikars

The introduction of Vistara Airways from Mumbai to Bangkok will not only benefit the people there. But, also increase Vistara’s position its services from Mumbai to Bangkok allowing people to enjoy travel hassle-free to their favourite holiday destination. The pricing of the airfares done by Vistara Airways is as follows

Economy Class – Starting from ₹22,849

Business Class – Starting from ₹54,299

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Offbeat Things To Do While In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world’s favourite destinations for holidaying. And it offers a wide range of adventures to impress the traveller and foodie in you. Here are the things which you can do while exploring this magnificent place –

  • Explore the island of Chao Phraya River and enjoy its scenic beauty. Try their traditional food and learn about the local culture there.
  • If you are courageous enough and aren’t scared of paranormal objects, do visit the Sathorn Unique Tower.
  • Take the Bangkok Canal Tour on the long-tailed boats and enjoy the peaceful sightings along the riverside.
  • Don’t miss the David Beckham temple, where a corner in the temple is dedicated to the iconic footballer.
  • Most importantly, do not miss out on touring through the city and enjoying a food walk – you try authentic Thai cuisine and even look around the famous markets there.

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