From Street Food To The Weather, Here Are 10 Things About India We Miss Dearly In Dubai

by Saniya
From Street Food To The Weather, Here Are 10 Things About India We Miss Dearly In Dubai

A lot of us have been born and brought up in India and now moved to Dubai. Besides being our native land, there is so much we miss about it. From the memories we have created to favorite shopping spots we have all over the country, there is so much we wished we could bring with us over here.

1. The Weather

We know that India itself is a diverse land, and depending on where you come from, the weather changes. However, even the hottest regions of India are usually cooler than the summer air of Dubai. But what we really really miss is the monsoon rains of India. From dancing in the first rains of the season to enjoying chai pakodas in the verandahs, it’s rarely the same over here. The sandy fragrance of the first rains and the special monsoon fruits always make us nostalgic about India. So the weather and monsoon are two Indian things we miss here dearly!

rains in india
(Credit: HindustanTimes)

2. Street Food Hopping

Yes, we get street food here. Bur Dubai is a heaven for street food lovers, but nothing beats the joy of eating Pani Puris directly on the streets or waiting for a fresh plate of Haleem on the streets of Hyderabad. After all, what’s the fun in gorging on street food in a calm surrounding!

3. The Many Weekend Getaway Options

In India, a magnificent landscape is just a drive or a train away. With multitudes of landscapes and diverse cultures, India offers retreat and leisure options like nowhere else. From the deserts and palaces in Jaisalmer to treks and snowcapped mountains in Spiti, there’s a lot for travelers to explore. And you can do it all in a budget or indulge in complete luxury travel. 

4. The Land Of Festivals (and the public holidays;))

India has the world’s highest public holidays for a reason. Thanks to our rich cultural and religious diversity, there is a festival always around the corner. With so many festivals, come the many public holidays too! And nothing like a public holiday close to the weekend, so we can make a weekend getaway out of it. The sheer number of festivities and holidays is one of the Indian things we miss in Dubai.

5. Low Cost Of Living

Now we all know Dubai is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. Whereas everything is much cheaper in India. Just how many times have we decided to buy something from India instead of getting it locally because of price? From fashion to food, everything is much cheaper there, and we sometimes do miss not having to shell out so much.

6. Bumping Into Celebs

If you live in Bombay, you would have definitely bumped into a celebrity at some point. But even otherwise, from local movie stars to theatre artistes and sports stars there is so much talent around. Bumping into celebrities is a lot more recurring than meeting one in The Dubai Mall.

Credits: Bollywood Mantra

7. Obsessing Over Cricket

This is something we have been able to bring with us from India. From Asia Cup to the T10 League, there is a lot of cricket happening, but the euphoria isn’t the same. From coming out to dance on the streets after a triumphant win to just gathering with friends to watch a nail-biting India-Pakistan, India’s passion for the sport is simply unmatchable.

indian things we miss
(Credits: India Times)

8. Anytime Is Chai Time

Agree or not, India runs on chai! We have our favorite chai stall where we meet our friends regularly, a chaiwalla outside our college or a famed chai stall that the city is famous for. Whatever time or place, there is quality chai awaiting you at every corner in India. And how can we forget the variety of chai – from kulhad chai to Irani chai. Indians have made memories over chais, and we love calling ourselves chaiholics.

9. Mohalla Culture

We miss the mohalla life. From the gully cricket to gupshup spots at the neighborhood and aunties gathering for gossip sessions India’s mohalla culture has a charm like no other. Mohollas espoused the community culture, and we miss the feelings to the tee.

indian things we miss

10. The Huge Family Gatherings And Big Fat Indian Weddings

Family comes first for most Indians and being in Dubai means you miss lot of family gatherings. The grand feasts, the big fat weddings and majestic baarats, are part of our culture and missing it all is an emotion that can’t be put in words. Oh and the uploads on social media only makes it worse!

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Ah! That was one good trip down the memory lane. Now while we cannot get it all, there is a little bit of India we have created over here in Dubai. So until our next trip home, we cherish it all now.