Goa Introduces Monsoon Trekking And You Can’t Miss Out On This!

goa monsoon treks
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 181

Goa is undoubtedly India’s favourite beach paradise. While it’s a favourite travel destination during summers and winters, tourists often avoid visiting Goa during the monsoon season. The beach destination witnesses heavy rains that make even visiting beaches, impractical. So, should you visit Goa? And how do you spend quality time in Goa during the rainy season? Well, monsoon trekking is the answer. Read on to know more.

Forget Beaches, Visit Goa For Adventurous Monsoon Treks

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) recently introduced the Monsoon Trekking programme to boost tourism in Goa during the rainy season. Monsoon treks will not only offer tourists the chance to explore Goa’s hinterlands during the rainy season but also generate employment for locals. While 8 million tourists visit Goa every year, most of them prefer to visit the beaches and enjoy the sunshine and blue azure waters.

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 4-Hour Treks Every Sunday For Unparalleled Beauty & Thrill

But now Goa Government shall focus on boosting tourism during the monsoon season through monsoon treks. GTDC Chairman and Sanvordem MLA Dr Ganesh Gaonkar revealed to Times Of India that treks in Goa’s lush green forests offer 100 per cent fresh air, free of cost, that even beaches don’t offer. Goa Government shall start four-hour treks every Sunday where tourists can enjoy witnessing the flora and fauna of the coastal state, in almost pristine beauty.

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