Goa’s Baga Beach Witnessed Massive Crowd On New Year’s Eve; Viral Video Shows Shocking Scene

by Sanjana Shenoy
Goa’s Baga Beach Witnessed Massive Crowd On New Year’s Eve; Viral Video Shows Shocking Scene

Despite the super-spreader Omicron variant creating waves of fear across the globe, Goa witnessed a large surge in tourists during Christmas-New Year’s Eve festive season. There is a significant rise in Omicron cases in India, touted to be more infectious than the Delta variant. A viral video posted by a journalist shows massive crowds in Goa’s Baga beach on New Year’s Eve. Read on to know more.

Viral Video Shows Huge Crowds In Goa’s Baga Beach

A journalist shared a concerning video of a massive crowd on a narrow road near Goa’s Baga beach.  The 29-seconds clip shows how crowded popular beaches of Goa get on New Year’s eve. In the viral video clip, hundreds of revellers can be seen flouting social distancing rules, brushing against each for the sake of celebrations. The journalist captioned the video as a “royal welcome to the Covid wave”. Garnering 1.09 lakh views, many netizens on watching the video, claimed this was indeed a royal invitation to India’s Covid-19 third wave.

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Goa Recorded 388 New Covid-19 Cases Post New Year’ Celebrations

After the influx of tourists for New Year’s celebrations, Goa clocked in 388 new Covid-19 cases and a positivity rate of 10 per cent. Due to the huge spike in coronavirus cases, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced that schools and colleges will be shut down in the state till January 26. During this period, online classes will be conducted. Unfortunately, the tourist turnout at pubs and restaurants in Goa, was back to pre-covid levels, just before the Omicron variant spread at a rapid rate. In order to prevent a Covid-19 third wave, avoid visiting Goa for a while and instead watch this virtual tour of Goa.