Google To Use AI based Traffic Control System To Cut Down Delays By 20%

by Suchismita Pal
Google To Use AI based Traffic Control System To Cut Down Delays By 20%

To reduce traffic queues and hassles, Google has launched a cutting-edge traffic control system to be regulated by artificial intelligence (AI). The technology was tested at four places in Isreal. It was found that the AI-driven traffic control system was able to reduce traffic delays by around 10% to 20%. Not only that, the system can also be free from most human errors. Reportedly, in the Haifa and Beer-Sheva regions of Israel, the system has shown impressive results. Google is now planning to deploy the software in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

Google AI Based traffic
Picture Credits: Unsplash

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Say Goodbye To Traffic Woes With Google

Google has been working on a plethora of new features to make travel comfortable and easy for everyone. While Google map remains our constant guide for understanding locations, the company had earlier launched a feature to guide people inside a mall or airport too. And now Google has come up with an AI mechanism to reduce traffic as well. Though the project is in the early phase now, once running successfully, it can curtail waiting time and other traffic inconsistencies. According to an India Times report, the municipal authorities of Rio de Janeiro have told Reuters that they are thrilled about the launch of the system in the city.

Google AI Based traffic
Picture Credits: Pexels

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Google Launches Special Badges For Eco-Conscious Hotels

Google has also updated Maps to give relevant information based on the time of the day. You can get the details of nearby tourist spots, restaurants and more. Also, for eco-conscious travellers, Google has launched special badges for hotels that follow sustainable measures, like ITC Windsor Bangalore, ITC Maratha, Hilton Jaipur, Hilton Goa, Conrad Pune and DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Gurgaon – New Delhi NCR,