Grab Your Friends And Take The Visapur Waterfall Trek Before The Monsoons End

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Refresh your body and soul with the amazing Visapur waterfall trek this monsoon.

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What Is It?

As we welcome the monsoon season in India, we open ourselves up to multiple opportunities for outdoor adventures. The Visapur Fort trek is surely the most glorious and yet, adrenaline-spiking things you can do in 2017’s rainy weather. Located nearly 52 km from Pune city, Visapur is a fort that Shivaji Maharaj captured in the 1660s. Visapur Fort has carved caves, stone arches, temples of Lord Hanuman and breath-taking waterfalls.

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Built on an elevation of 3,556 feet, it is on the same plateau as its twin fort, Lohagad. Although Visapur is higher than Lohagad, trekkers usually have their practice session at Lohagad and then move to Visapur.

How To Get There? 

There are 2 ways through which you can get to Visapur fort. One can be done from Malvali station as its only 9 km away. Crossing the Western-Express Highway, through the Bhaje village, you’ll get a straight route to Visapur.

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The easier one definitely has to be through the Patan village. After crossing the Western-Express highway, take the first left for Patan village. Once you’ve reached the village, you can start the trek at the base itself. By taking the route, you can be closer to the waterfall areas of the fort.

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The way might get confusing for someone who’s attempting the Visapur trek for the first time. A simple solution to that would be to ask a local for directions.

What Else?

As the Patan village route goes, the waterfalls will be close by. Make sure you don’t end up walking on the waterfall path because it might prove to be dangerous during the monsoons. The flow of the water might drag you down or injure you. How to know if you’re on the right route? You will spot a grand statue of Lord Hanuman known by  Chapetdan Maruti. You might also find small caves and a drinking water tap on the route.

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Things you might need for the trek –

  • Drinking water
  • Dry snacks
  • Rain-wear
  • A small first-aid kit
  • Towels or napkins
  • Energizing drinks

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Make sure you avoid carrying expensive jewelry or heavy cash. To prevent any kind of theft, keep these things safely in your vehicle or simply don’t carry it along at all.

The Visapur trek will take you back into nature’s lap with foggy skies and pleasant drizzles of the monsoon. Whether you’re planning to go with a bunch of friends or family, this trek becomes a must for the monsoon.


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