Heavy Rainfall Hits Southern Scandinavia.Train Derailed In Sweden, Roads Flooded; Weather Dept Issues Warning

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Heavy Rainfall Hits Southern Scandinavia.Train Derailed In Sweden, Roads Flooded; Weather Dept Issues Warning

Heavy rain hit southern Scandinavia on Monday. The heavy rainfall caused a train to derail and many roads to flood. The weather department of the region issued a warning in Sweden and Norway, especially. It predicted that it could be Sweden’s and Norway’s worst severe wet weather system in decades. 

Warnings Issued For Sweden And Norway

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Southern Scandinavia was hit by very heavy rainfall on Monday. The weather looked extremely bad, and a red alert was issued. 

Meteorologists in Sweden and Norway issued red alerts, the most extreme warning level, for multiple days this week, warning that the hardest impacted areas might receive a month’s worth of average rainfall in 24 hours and the worst floods in 25 years in Norway, or perhaps 50 years in Sweden.

According to police, a train carrying more than 100 passengers derailed in eastern Sweden when rain washed away part of the railway embankment, injuring three people who were immediately taken to hospitals.

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Certain Transport Services Were Also Stopped

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Gale-force winds and thunderstorms brought down local power lines, disrupting many Baltic and North Sea ferries as well as some air travel.  While Norway stopped certain train services and rescheduled a number of outdoor football matches.

A low-pressure system hit Sweden late on Sunday and arrived in Norway on Monday. It was dubbed “Hans” by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, which stated that naming the weather system makes it easier to capture the public’s attention.

Authorities advised those most impacted to avoid rivers and steep hills and to travel only when absolutely essential. They warned of a high possibility of extensive property destruction as the rain continued in the following days.

Denmark, too, saw heavy rain and issued a yellow notice, a lower-level warning, while meteorologists in Finland predicted severe thunderstorms later this week.

Norway’s Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Stoere, predicted that extreme weather events would become more common.  (As per India Today)

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We hope the people are safe there.

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