High-Speed Eurostar Between London & Amsterdam To Now Go Non-Stop For ₹3,700 Onwards!

by Vidisha Khaitan
High-Speed Eurostar Between London & Amsterdam To Now Go Non-Stop For ₹3,700 Onwards!

Who said Brexit will change everything? Eurostar is launching a direct train between London and Amsterdam. Security will be tight and journey will be smooth. The Eurostar is one of the world’s most renowned railway services. To have a straight non-stop train in this reputed railway operator is a blessing from above.

What Is It

The Netherlands announced their commitment to make travel to UK easy. Will a high-speed Eurostar railway route work? We’ll say! The train service will start April 30. Everything is set in order. This new line will cut travel time by 30 minutes, rounding it off to 4 hours and 10 minutes. Passengers will no longer have to stop at Brussels. Earlier, passport clearance was managed out of Brussels. This is all about to change. Amsterdam Central Station’s new passport control zone will take care of security without delays. The Dutch government also granted unprecedented permission to U.K. border guards. They can now make arrests at this zone. A 3.5-hour direct train is also starting between London and Rotterdam on May 18.

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What’s More

On February 4, a test drive was conducted. We will be started off with two trains per day. By 2021, 5 trains per day are expected to ease travel between Amsterdam and London. Eurostar Director Mike Cooper told reporters, “In the long run thirty percent of travelers to London will take the train. Now that percentage is still around eight percent.” No need to change trains or figure new places out. things are being simplified so that we can get the best of our travel to dos.

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Ticket sales start on February 11 for €40 onwards! People dream of riding the Eurostar anywhere. These prices for travelling to London sounds like the best way for our Euro trip. The green bonus can not be ignored. The shift from air to rail is going strong. The trend to reduce flying over individual carbon footprint is a good statement to make. We hope the charter planes and industrial waste soon follows suit. We can’t wait to ride the all new high-speed line! Sweden To London Via Overnight Sleeper Trains By 2022 Because Of Flight Shaming!

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