Himachal Not Safe For Travel As Hundreds Of Tourists Left Stranded After Flash Floods

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Himachal Not Safe For Travel As Hundreds Of Tourists Left Stranded After Flash Floods

Flash flooding in Himachal’s Spiti and Lahaul district left hundreds of people stranded. More than 100 people were stranded out of which most of them were tourists. The stranded people were successfully rescued by 1:30 am. The rescue operation did take time and was wrapped by midnight after safely rescuing all the people. The rise in the water level of the Dorni rivulet due to heavy rainfall led to the flash flooding in the district. 

Water Level Rose In The Dorni Rivulet

The flash flooding was a result of the heavy rainfall that caused the water level in the Dorni rivulet to rise. The flash flooding had stranded more than 100 people most of which were tourists. The stranded people were rescued successfully. A parked vehicle got badly damaged after boulders fell on it. Police Superintendent Manav Verma said that the rescued people were safe and were also provided sufficient food and logistics. Ram Lal Markanda, state minister was also stranded in the Miyar Valley, due to the flash flooding resulting in the snapping of road connectivity

Pic Credits: Republic world

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Flash Floods Disrupted Road Connectivity

The flash flooding had disrupted the traffic on the National Highway 505 that connects Siso to Nako which caused the authorities to initiate a joint three hour rescue operation.The operation involved the state police, the district administration and the Border Road Organisation (BRO). According to officials, BRO dispatched three trucks for the rescue despite reports of flash floods coming from four locations in the Lahaul and Spiti area and closing nine roads.

Pic Credits: One India

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