Ice Hockey Stadium Is Set To Turn Manali Into A Winter Sports Paradise!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Ice Hockey Stadium Is Set To Turn Manali Into A Winter Sports Paradise!

Manali is Delhi’s go to getaway destination. In fact, the entire country fantasizes of a vacation in Himalayas. There’s so much to see, so many places to visit but now, the choice will be clear. Manali is about to get an ice hockey stadium for the first time. This hill station is already a hotspot for skiing and snowboarding. The government is taking measure to improve tourist experience in Himachal Pradesh and ice hockey stadium will sure go a long way.

What is it

The Himachal Pradesh government has reportedly stated that the new ice hockey stadium would be the first of its kind for the country. A company from Netherlands has taken up the project. The estimated cost of turning Manali into an ice hockey hub is ₹17 crores. The premises of Atal Bihari Mountaineering Institute at Manali will house the stadium. The stadium will be up and running all year for that winter feel people go looking for. You won’t have to wait for ice anymore, it’ll always be there waiting for you at the stadium. This has the potential changing the winter sports landscape for India. Private Public Partnership model will be taken on for the ice hockey stadium to be built as per international standards.

Image Credit: Times of India (for rep)

What’s more

Shimla is the only place in India with an Ice Skating Rink as of now. It is only operational for 3 months in the year from December to February. India’s coldest inhabitable place, Spiti Valley, has begun to use natural climate conditions to train children in ice hockey. These children will be given the opportunity to train for the Olympics. National athletes Stanzin C, Rinchen Dolma and Tashi Dolkar from Ladakh Women Ice Hockey Foundation were in charge of teaching the first campCheck Off Your Bucket List At The World’s Highest Bungee Jumping Now In Manali!

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This move will transform Manali into a paradise for adventure maniacs. Who wouldn’t want to try their hand or two at gliding on ice. Nowhere but the Himalayas would this be possible. We can’t wait for this stadium to run in full swing and whisk you away to the dreamy lands of ice and skates!

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