Indian Chef Gaggan To Open First Restaurant GohGan In Japan This December!

GohGan Japan
by Sanmita A 245

The Indian cuisine scene is reaching newer heights by the day. Year after year, Indian Chefs are opening restaurants and collaborating with international chefs to take Indian cuisine to other countries. One such initiative is the GohGan, wherein Indian Chef Gaggan Anand collaborated with Japanese Chef Takeshi ‘Goh’ Fukuyama to create ‘GohGan’. This new restaurant in Japan will serve a blend of French-Japanese cuisine along with Gaggan’s contemporary Indian cuisine.

India & Japan Chefs Collab To Create GohGan

GohGan restaurant will open doors to the public on December 1, 2022. With this restaurant in Japan, two renowned names from the Indian and Japanese food industries will come together. Further, the cuisine to be served in GohGan will be contemporary, with French-Japanese and Indian cuisine. We hope that folks from both countries will now have the opportunity to taste what these chefs have to serve. Apart from the interesting line of food choices, the visitors will have an opportunity to experience the best of ambience at this Japan restaurant. GohGan will be setting up at a pretty riverside complex, which will have three floors of the restaurant and bars. Yes, that’s how massive this fine dining space is going to be.

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What More To Find Here?

The building hosting the GohGan restaurant will also have an immersive theatre. Along with that, the Japanese Chef, Fukuyama will also be opening another fine dining space. This dining space will be located in the same complex as GohGan. However, the restaurant, named Goh will be opening in January 2023. What will distinguish this restaurant from GohGan is that Fukuyama is going to serve the best of his signature to smaller groups.

If you are planning to visit Japan, then you must give these dining spaces a try, as the spaces are now open for reservations. Check here.