5 Indian Cities That Celebrate Lohri With Pomp & Grandeur

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Indian Cities That Celebrate Lohri With Pomp & Grandeur

Lohri, the annual harvest festival is celebrated with great vigour in North India. It marks the end of the winter season and people look forward to the spring season or another farming season that brings lots of hope and joy. This festival is celebrated to thank the Sun God for the harvests of the year. It’s a New Year for farmers in the region, who pray and show gratitude to the crops before the harvesting begins. Lohri is also about togetherness, dance, music, good food and lots of gratitude. So here are 5 cities in India you must visit to celebrate Lohri in style.

1. Chandigarh

The capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh celebrates Lohri in a traditional way with lots of pomp and galore. When you’re in the city for the festival you can attend Lohri parties, meet friends, wear traditional clothes and of course gorge on a variety of delicacies. The gurudwaras in Chandigarh are adorned with bright lights and bonfires are also set up for prayers. If you want a modern touch to your celebrations then visit the clubs and restaurants here that host special parties for patrons during the festive season.

places to celebrate lohri in india
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2. Amritsar

There’s no better place to celebrate Lohri than Amristar. Visit the iconic Golden Temple here which is lit up beautifully like a bride. Feast on a delicious meal prepared by the community kitchens here to feed thousands of blessed visitors. Take a stroll in the bustling markets and get enamourd by the intoxicating fragrance of jaggery and fresh sweets. With people roaming around the streets in their finest attire, exchanging gifts with their loved ones, Lohri in Amristar is a blessed affair.

3. Jalandhar

One of the most ancient cities of Punjab, Jalandhar is the place to be for Lohri celebrations. This fast growing city is modern yet holds up to its deep rooted values. The warm hearted locals here have presereved the rituals of Lohri over generations. If you want to closely be part of traditional Lohri celebrations without the modern hype, then Jalandhar is your abode. Infact Lohri is also celebrated here across the various educational institutes of the city.

places to celebrate lohri in india
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4. Ludhiana

If you love dancing, then you must be part of the Lohri celebrations in Ludhiana. This gorgeous city in Punjab has dance professional troupes performing Bhangra and Gidda on the streets in colourful traditional attire. Bright lights, vibrant clothes, peppy music and heart thumping beats, what more do you want right? People offer prayers around the bonfire as they worship the Sun. Fly kites, enjoy delicous food and dance your hearts out during the Lohri celebrations in Ludhiana.

places to celebrate lohri in india
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5. Delhi

Delhi is a melting pot of cultures. So, while the Lohri celebrations might not have a strong Punjabi influence, nevertheless the city is a fantastic place to immerse in the fun and spirituality of the festival. In Delhi, housing societies gather to organise dance compettions and shows. A range of delicacies like Makki Di Roti and Sarson Ka Saag, Gur Ki Gajak and Atta Laddoos lace tables here. It’s an occasion to dress, eat, dance, pray and visit gurudwaras in the city. If you miss visiting Delhi, then here’s a virtual tour of Delhi’s famous markets.