Indian Family In UK Build Dream Plane In Backyard By Watching YouTube Videos

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Family In UK Build Dream Plane In Backyard By Watching YouTube Videos

The coronavirus pandemic induced lockdowns brought families closer than ever. Literally! Parents busy with work from home schedules and children grappling with study from home, the family dynamics shifted with time. From spending time playing board games to cultivating new hobbies, it’s family time for the win. Well, one family took family time to a whole new level, where the sky is no longer the limit! An Indian family in the UK spent the last two years amid the coronavirus pandemic, building a plane in the backyard by watching Youtube videos.

Indian Family In UK Build Plane In Backyard During Covid Lockdown

38-year-old Ashok Aliseril, his wife, Abhilasha Dubey and their daughters, 6-year-old Tara and 3-year-old Diya made the Covid-induced lockdown an exciting one. A trained pilot from Essex,  Ashok spent the last 2 years building an entire plane from scratch with Youtube videos and an instruction manual for help. The couple wanted to purchase a family aircraft earlier, but couldn’t find a suitable model. So, the family spent a fortune of £140,000 (₹1.4 crores) and 1500 hours to build a small plane in their backyard. Ashok got a kit plane which he ordered and they assembled it in the backyard from March 2020 onwards.

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indian family build plane
Picture Credits: Triangle News

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They Saved Money For Plane By Skipping Commuting & Breakfast Clubs

After 2 years of disciplined hard work, the bright red and silver coloured plane was ready. With luxuries seats, spacious legroom and a cosy ambience for the family of four, this was indeed the plane of their dreams. To fund the plane, the family saved money by skipping socialising, commuting and breakfast clubs. Ashok revealed to The Sun, that it was like having a toy plane but far more exciting. The licensed pilot would work on the plane every day from 3 pm till 9 pm.

indian family build plane
Photo Credits: John McLellan/ The Sun

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Family Plan To Travel Together In Private Plane

Now that the plane is ready, Abhilasha revealed to The Metro that the family is planning to travel to the Isle of Wight in their own plane for the summer holidays. And Ashok hopes this plane will fly him for Manchester United matches. She stated to The Sun that the girls can’t wait to fly in the plane with their father taking over as pilot. Well, what do you think of this fun family lockdown adventure? Meanwhile, check out this video of an Indian family who travelled to 65 countries together.