Indian Man Stuck In Kabul Airport Recounts Tragic Events After Returning Back

by Suchismita Pal
Indian Man Stuck In Kabul Airport Recounts Tragic Events After Returning Back

Afghanistan witnessed horrific occurrences as the Taliban forces took over the country. After the withdrawal of the army by the US and the escape of President Ashraf Ghani, spine-chilling videos from the Afghan airport did rounds on global media. People tried to push themselves into the overloaded plane. Some even clung to the wheels of the aircraft in an effort to be evacuated, eventually succumbing to death. Melvin, a resident of  Ullal in Mangaluru, who finally returned to his homeland from Afghanistan after four days of agitation, recounted the dreadful experiences.

People Were Stranded In Kabul Airport For Two Days Without Food

According to an ABP Live report, Melvin said that those attempting to leave Afghanistan were stranded for two days in Kabul airport, starving without food. He added that there was a ‘mad rush’ of people at the airport. Melvin said that he was lucky that his place of work was in proximity to the airport which made it possible for him to board the direct flight to India. Melvin works as a technician in a hospital in Kabul. On August 16, he boarded the C-17 Globemaster flight. He first reached Gujarat’s Jamnagar base. From there he reached New Delhi and finally started for Karnataka.  India Introduces Emergency Single-Entry Visa For Afghan Nationals; Here’s What It Means!

Picture Credits: The National

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Indian Air Force Tries To Bring Back Those Stranded In Afghanistan

Melvin said that his brother, who was also employed in Afghanistan, couldn’t get a direct flight to India. He landed on a flight heading to Qatar instead. Many other Indians boarded flights to Dubai, Norway and London. Some are also quarantined in the final destinations. Many Indians from Mangaluru are still stranded in Afghanistan. The Indian Air Force is trying to bring them back. The Karnataka government has designated a nodal officer to coordinate with the Centre to bring back the stranded people of the state. A helpline number 080 2209 4498 has also been stated for those who need help. Even many companies are assisting in moving their employees out of Kabul.

Picture Credits: Aljazeera

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Narrating his previous experiences, Melvin said that he did not face anything as challenging as this earlier in the country.  He said that local Afghans who couldn’t return to their homes due to COVID-19 had stayed back at the workplace and now they are facing a shortage of food already. We hope that the mayhem ends and peace prevails in Afghanistan soon.