India’s First Smart Trolleys Come Up At Hyderabad Airport With Real Time Access To Trolleys

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 502

Hyderabad airport has always been making headlines for being one of the best airports in India. Setting the bar high again, the GMR Hyderabad International Airport is no using Internet of Thing (IoT) as a tool to augment its services and operations. Hyderabad Airport has introduced the Smart Baggage Trolley Management system that can be tracked and maintained at real-time.

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Picture Credits: PTI ( for representation)

3,000 Trolleys Enabled With The Technology

The entire fleet of the airport’s 3,000 trolleys has already been enabled with the technology. The new technology will reduce waiting time for passengers and ensuring the ensure the availability of trolleys. According to International Air Transport Association norms, at least 160 trolleys should be available for a million passengers at any airport. Hyderabad Ranked Best City To Work & Live In India; Mumbai & Pune Follow.

Picture Credits: Twitter/Kolkata Airport

Trolleys Have An In-Built Alert Mechanism

Hyderabad airport’s new system will not only handle retrieval, replenishment, but will also prevent theft. The trolleys have an in-built alert mechanism, that generates an alert message when carried out of a ‘no airport zone’ area. It also shows the location for necessary tracking.  The system can work based on predictive analyses of estimated arrival and departure loads. Delhi’s IGI Airport Ranked The Best In India; Mumbai & Bangalore Airports Follow Up.

Picture Credits: Twitter/Kolkata Airport

Hyderabad International Airport has always been the flag bearer of innovation and technology. And now it is all set to revolutionise the way baggage trolleys are managed in our country.

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