Just 45 Mins From Riyadh, Visit The Caravan Trail & Tread An Ancient Road

by Deeplata Garde

A vintage highway that dates back hundreds of years famous as the Caravan Trail. It used to be the only western gateway to the city and it takes 45 minutes from Riyadh. The route is roughly one kilometre long, rocky, steep, and has many of twists. Visitors may now take in the breathtaking views of Tuwaiq Mountain. Thanks to the trail’s reconstruction, which includes a practical stairway and a seating area with umbrellas.

The Caravan Trail Or Aba AlQid Trail

The Caravan Trail is also known as Aba AlQid in Riyadh. It doesn’t gather a lot of tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. Every year, people do flock to Riyadh to see the trail, which winds its way through the city. The trail is a great way to see the sights of Riyadh and get a taste of the local culture.
The trail is also a great opportunity to learn about the history of Saudi Arabia and the caravan trade.


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Caravans have been a vital part of the Saudi economy for centuries, and the trail is a reminder of that. If you’re planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, be sure to add the Caravan Trail to your itinerary this winter!

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This Rocky Old Route Was An Ancient Means Of Trade


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A stairway, lighting, and a patio area are a new addition to the upper portion of the route. It was recently restored and is now roughly a kilometre long. It took the name Aba AlQid because dry leather ropes made of “Qid,”. These are often shredded and strewn on the sides of the road. They also aided as a material for camel caravans to attach their burden when they crossed these roads. Sunset is the greatest time to visit the area since you can witness the golden hour magically from the side of Tuwaiq mountain.

Prep up with loose clothing and a lot of hydration a.k.a water. It would need around 1:30 mins to complete the entire trail.

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