Mother-Son Duo Who Sold One Mushroom Packet A Day Now Makes 12 Lakhs A Month

mother-son duo
by Shreya Ghosh 264

Dreams are never small no matter how difficult it seems at the beginning. With grit, dedication, and hard work, achieving your goals is not impossible. And the mother-son duo from Kerala shows us the perfect example with their success story. Leena Thomas and 31-year-old Jithu Thomas from Kerala are running a super successful venture together that started with a hobby and is now a full-time business in a span of a few years.

Mother-Son Duo Runs Mushroom Business

Business partners can be of any age if you are passionate and dedicated to it. And with immense determination, Jithu and his mother started selling mushrooms with just a packet a day in ‘Leena’s Mushroom Farm’. The 31-year-old has always been very curious to know about mushroom farming and this led to the idea of starting the business. After completing graduation in Physics and post-graduation in Social work, he joined an NGO as a social entrepreneur for some years. During these years, he understood the potential of this mushroom business and how he can expand it in the market. Soon, Jithu left his job and hopped on to full-time farming.

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Jithu was only 19 when he along with his mother started mushroom farming. He learned from online research, attended a workshop by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, and used scientific methods to grow the business. It took the mother-son duo some time to establish their name and now they are witnessing massive sales and success.

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They Make 12 Lakhs A Month From Selling One Mushroom Packet A Day!

The mother-son duo successfully runs a massive mushroom farm of 5,000 square feet and a lab too. There are 11 women employees working in Leena’s Mushroom Farm. The company produces almost 80-100 kg of mushrooms per day and sells 200 gm of the production for ₹80. Starting with selling 1 packet a day, the mother-son duo is now earning about ₹40,000 every single day.

Growing mushrooms is not an easy task. The temperature is a very important factor in this type of farming. Jithu designed the room to maintain the perfect climate and temperature, not below 30 degrees Celsius. In fact, his ideas and strategies helped to room 20,000 beds instead of 5,000.