Move Over Wheat Flour, Karnataka’s Banana Flour Is Giving A Spin To Dosas, Cutlets & Gulab Jamun

by Sanjana Shenoy
Move Over Wheat Flour, Karnataka’s Banana Flour Is Giving A Spin To Dosas, Cutlets & Gulab Jamun

The creation of banana flour came as a solution to a simple yet common problem in India, the wastage of bananas. As the second most important crop in the country, competitive pricing often leads to farmers selling bananas at meagre prices. Some of them even end up feeding it to the cattle. To prevent wastage of bananas, organic farmer, Nayana Anand decided to take inspiration from Kerala where farmers convert jackfruit into flour to prevent wastage. Voila! The banana flour was born. Read on to know more.

Karnataka Farmers Prepare Banana Flour To Prevent Wastage Of Crop

Nayana Anand revealed to The Better India that she approached renowned journalist and agriculture educator, Shree Padre. He handled a Whatsapp Group called “Anytime Vegetables”. This group aims to help farmers in Karnataka stay connected. Nayana got in touch with the researcher, Jissy George, who taught her to make banana flour. It involves peeling bananas and soaking them in a solution made of water, rice water and salt. After soaking them for 30 minutes, the bananas are dried under the sun for two days. Next, they are blended into a fine powder and stored in an air-tight container.

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Picture Credits: The Better India

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Banana Flour Is used For Making Dosa, Gulab Jamuns, Rotis & More

She used the banana flour to make rotis, that have a sweeter, richer taste. The banana flour was also used in preparing a variety of biscuits, dry gulab jamuns, dosas and even cutlets. Interestingly, banana flour was widely consumed in ancient times. But no one knew the process to make it was so simple. So, instead of worrying about the banana harvest going to waste, farmers in Karnataka have now started preparing healthy, delicious and nutritious banana flour. According to The Better India, many have started preparing, packaging and selling it locally.

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Picture Credits: The News Minute

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