New Mangalore Stores In Bangalore Sells Delicious Samosas That Get Sold Out In Just 2 Hours

by Sanjana Shenoy
New Mangalore Stores In Bangalore Sells Delicious Samosas That Get Sold Out In Just 2 Hours

Bangaloreans, the best places to stock up on tea-time snacks are undoubtedly your smaller neighbourhood stores. Housing a good variety of banana chips, kodubale, (ring-shaped snack made of rice flour and gram flour) and nippat (deep fried rice crackers with lentils, curry leaves), they exuberate flavours of authenticity. New Mangalore Stores in Bangalore’s JP Nagar 7th Phase, boasts of an array of homemade snacks, but their bestseller is the mini-samosas. These samosas are so good that they often get sold out in just 2 hours. Read on to know more.

New Mangalore Stores Sells Delicious Bite-Sized Samosas

A small store in the JP Nagar vicinity of Bangalore, New Mangalore Stores prepares hot crispy samosas that are smaller than your regular sized ones. These bite-sized samosas are filled with potato stuffing that doesn’t have onion or garlic. They are perfect for festivals when you avoid having onion and garlic. The mini samosas are super crispy, perfectly spiced and light on the palate. In fact don’t be surprised if you end up binging on samosas, just like you’d do with a packet of chips. You’d find only one type of samosa here, sold for ₹45 for 10 pieces. They often get sold out by 2 pm, so make sure you visit this place early. 

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Gorge On Traditional Coastal Snacks Like Mangalore Buns, City Bakery Butter & More

Apart from samosas, we suggest you try their snacks like the Mangalore special City Bakery Butter. This is an interesting butter rusk that’s super tasty and looks cute too. You can also sample the traditional Konkani dish pathrode made of colocasia leaves, coconut and spiced rice batter. It’s similar to the Gujurati patra. Then ofcourse the breakfast and tea-time snack Mangalore buns is a must-try. The soft deep-fried bread prepared with flour and banana is sweet and comforting.

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Pack Pickles, Papad & Chips For The Road

Carry an assortment of pickles, papad, sandige or crackers, sweets, chaklis, chips and more. The snacks are fresh and the flavours will take you all the way to coastal Karnataka. While the samosas are a bestseller here, their traditional snacks, sweets and condiments are the heart of this place. Sample the traditional snacks of different cuisine and let your palette evolve. Meanwhile, here are some regional dishes from South India you must try.