Is There A Travel Etiquette On Plane Window? TikTok Video Sparks Debate

by Tooba Shaikh
Is There A Travel Etiquette On Plane Window? TikTok Video Sparks Debate

The Internet is a hotspot for debates and there are innumerable examples of debates that range from silly, important, and even foolish. In this particular instance, a debate was initiated when a TikTok user posted a video on the popular short-form video-sharing website. The video had a passenger trying to bat away a lady’s hand who attempted to shut the plane window.

Debate Over Plane Window Blind

When it comes to travelling in planes, there is no shortage of debates that the Internet is host to. Whether you should travel with your children, whether you should recline your seats, or whether you should entertain huge families who want to swap seats to sit together? The topics are many. But, here we have a hot new subject that sparked an argument.

It all started when the TikTok user Eric Goldie posted a video of himself which showed him disputing with another lady over the blinds of the plane window. The video showed him trying to bat away the hand of the lady who kept on trying to shut the window blinds. It seems that she wanted the blinds of the window closed and Eric didn’t. This conflict of interest resulted in a standoff.

plane window
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Who Opens, Who Closes, Who Controls The Window Blinds?

The video which was posted by Eric Goldie was captioned: “My Window, My rules.” This, like most things on the Internet, proved to be a hottake. And for all our friends who aren’t well-versed with Internet slang, a hottake means a controversial opinion. For instance, saying gulab jamun is better than rasgulla, is a hottake.

Back to our story, many people on the Internet sided with Eric as the logic of “whoever sits near the window, controls the blinds,” seemed solid. However, some people said that it may be his right to keep the blinds open but it definitely isn’t right that he kept the windows open.

Travel etiquette dictates that people who want the blinds closed have priority over people who want the blinds open just for the view. However, it can also be argued that passengers who prefer closed blinds can carry a blindfold or a sleeping mask if the sunlight is bothering them.

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What are your opinions on this? Feel free to fight in the comments below. We’ve got popcorn.

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