No Hyperloop For Bengaluru Airport? BIAL Is Looking For Other Transport Options Like Drone Taxis

by Tooba Shaikh
No Hyperloop For Bengaluru Airport? BIAL Is Looking For Other Transport Options Like Drone Taxis

The Kempegowda International Airport or the KIA in Karnataka’s Bengaluru would have made history by getting a hyperloop. However, their plans hit a snag. The Bengaluru International Airport Limited or the BIAL along with Virgin Hyperloop, was looking into exploring the potential for a Hyperloop at Bengaluru airport. But it seems that certain issues have come to light which might prevent the project from happening. Here are all the details that you might want to know about regarding the issue.

Hyperloop For Bengaluru Airport Hits A Snag

This particular news comes to light three years after the initial agreement. In 2020, the BIAL signed a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU with Virgin Hyperloop. In the MoU, it was specified that a feasibility study will be conducted for the possibility of a Hyperloop.

This particular route would connect the KIA to the city centre and would take the passengers to and from the two places in just 10 minutes at the speed of a whopping 1,080 kmph. However, recently it was revealed that there were some issues and hurdles which may hinder the development of the Hyperloop on this route.

According to an article published by Moneycontrol, the Managing Director and CEO of BIAl, Hari Marar, stated that Virgin Hyperloop has shifted its focus to developing a cargo transport Hyperloop instead of a passenger one. He also said that providing a timeline regarding the introduction of Hyperloop would be difficult.

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BIAL Looks Into Other Transport Options

Since the BIAL is striving to turn the KIA into an integrated travel hub, they are also looking into other travel options like drone taxis. It is also looking such futuristic transport methods that can be successfully integrated into the infrastructure of the airport.

Back in the year 2018, a firm by the name of Thumby Aviation introduced HeliTaxii, which is essentially a helicopter service that acts as a taxi and takes passengers to and from Bengaluru Airport and Electronics City.

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Cover Image Credits: @SatyakiRaghuna1/Twitter