Pilibhit In UP Gets An Insta-Worthy Bansuri Chowk To Promote The Flute Industry

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pilibhit In UP Gets An Insta-Worthy Bansuri Chowk To Promote The Flute Industry

Flutes have been a part of our tradition for aeons. According to Hinduism, Lord Krishna would play the flute when he lived a simple life as a cattle herder. His music would mesmerize the whole universe. It is also said that he gave up playing the flute when he left Radha. Whether it is music or love, a flute’s composition can bring out such beautiful feelings within. To keep up this flute tradition, Pilibhit, a small place in Uttar Pradesh, has been manufacturing some of the best flutes in the country. Now to honour them, a Bansuri Chowk has been erected to celebrate Pilibhit’s musical expertise. Let us learn more about them, shall we?

Uttar Pradesh Now Has A Bansuri Chowk In Pilibhit To Boost Traditional Flute Industry

Pilibhit is famous for handmade bamboo flutes that are the best in quality. These flutes are of different types, including bamboo flutes, such as ordinary straight-blow flutes and side-blown or transverse flutes. These flutes are mainly crafted by Muslim artisans, who showcase the unity and assimilation of culture and religion on our Indian soil. Now, Pilibhit gets its own Bansuri Chowk to celebrate this district’s connection in manufacturing the best flutes in the country. To find a prominent place in the city to erect this chowk, a survey was conducted by the Divisional Commissioner Ranvir Prasad.

bansuri chowk
Picture Credits: ABP News

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150-Year-Old Flute Industry To Be Highlighted

The Divisional Commissioner Ranvir Prasad mentioned that the project will showcase the 150-year-old flute manufacturing industry and comes under the Uttar Pradesh government’s ambitious one-district-one-product (ODOP) program, which aims to encourage indigenous products and crafts in the state. The Commissioner has also initiated the ‘Paint My City’ campaign, where people are encouraged to paint murals on the walls of their homes and government buildings. He said that he had also invited suggestions from people on how to make the campaign more widespread and effective.

bansuri chowk
Picture Credits: justdial.com

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