Sadhguru: My Interest Was Life, Other People’s Interest Is Society | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sadhguru: My Interest Was Life, Other People’s Interest Is Society | Curly Tales

I’m sure you’ve seen a video on YouTube or an Instagram video where Sadhguru shares his thoughts on life and other topics.His words at some point or another must have motivated you to do better in life, for sure. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani had the great privilege of meeting Sadhguru for our show Curly Tales Sunday Brunch, and they had a great time as they had a lot of fun conversations. 

Sadhguru On His Interest In Life

When Kamiya asked Sadhguru about how he handled the pressure from society, he simply answered that he was never there to handle it, he left to explore the world. He never thought that he was a rebel. It was right from childhood that Sadhguru started paying attention to life around him, to every little flower, every little creature. Sadhguru would spend days looking at a little ant and what it did. 

He said that his interest was life, while other people’s interest was society. People are more interested in how they look and seem in a society, but Sadhguru’s interest was in the magnificent way in which life is happening. He began looking at things with enormous attention. His message to the youth out there is that, “the important thing is not what you are learning or not learning. “Your attention should become so keen that when you look at it, you penetrate and not think.” 

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Recalling Places In A Different Manner

While talking about his travel expeditions, Sadhguru said that he doesn’t remember places because of their names. He remembers it in terms of “that funny looking rock” or “that crooked tree.” He said that there are lots of videos playing in his mind. He also said that he can easily play any video, even one that is 50 years old, in his mind without any distortion. 

Sadhguru and Kamiya Jani had a wonderful conversation, in which Sadhguru gave us a completely different perspective on life and other things. Kamiya thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting him at the newly built Isha foundation in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you are missing out on a lot, so go and watch it now on YouTube. 

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