Saudi Arabia-Based Agency To Become Largest Travel Company In The Middle East; Details Here

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia-Based Agency To Become Largest Travel Company In The Middle East; Details Here

The Saudi based travel company Seera Group will be unifying its business verticals under the umbrella of Almosafer. Seera Group will ascend to be the largest travel business on the UAE block. Almosafer would then be managing everything inclusive of consumer, government & corporate travel services. Seera will be able to improve its business footprint, operational efficiency, and financial performance through this unified approach.

A Travel Company Has Decided To Merge Its Vertical Under The Title Of ‘Almosafer’

Almosafer will make significant investments in omnichannel goods and services. These steps are been brought in order to improve the overall customer experience in the travel business. Clients would then enjoy seamless travel experiences across the Middle East.

Majed Alnefaie, the CEO, Seera Group, quoted, “ The integration will address market fragmentation and help us continue to build dialogue in the wider GCC as well as globally about our capabilities.”

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Muzzammil Ahussain, EVP, Almosafer, added: “With the unification of all services under one umbrella, we are demonstrating our strengths in being agile and flexible to meet the aspirations of our customers. We will continue to leverage superior technology to provide seamless customer services.”

The group’s larger strategy is to address market fragmentation throughout the area and the company’s expansion objectives. Seera’s businesses include Lumi, a car rental, leasing brand Discover Saudi, an integrated destination management company; and Mawasim. This is Seera’s wholesale tour operator for Hajj and Umrah, all of which provide technology-powered travel services for consumers, businesses, government partners, and pilgrims.

Almosafer Launches A Dedicated Safety & Restrictions Platform

This platform would be showcasing the latest travel guidelines and destination updates. Almosafer, the Kingdom’s ushering Omni-channel travel brand, is putting in a lot of work and training to deliver a better travel advisory service to the customers. It will allow them to be updated about the latest safety guidelines and schedule their domestic and international voyages without any constraints(once international travel resumes). Almosafer has built a specialised safety guidelines medium to fulfil this function. This will feed into the trip booking funnel and provide up-to-date information about the rules of the departing country and the needs of the destination country.