Sikh Man Does Bhangra In The Middle Of Times Square; Wins The Internet!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sikh Man Does Bhangra In The Middle Of Times Square; Wins The Internet!

We all know how quickly videos and posts go viral these days, thanks to the reach of social media. But have you ever noticed that the dance videos are the ones that gain maximum attention? Well talking about viral dance videos, there is this one video that these days is going viral and that is of a Sikh man doing Bhangra. The fascinating part is that this man is doing bhangra on Times Square street in New York and the internet is loving him. 

Bhangra In The Middle Of Times Square

A dance video is making rounds on the internet of a Sikh man doing Bhangra with full energy at Times Square. The man who is featured in the video is a Dubai based Bhangra teacher and dancer, Hardy Singh. Hardy Singh is currently on a world tour and for his company Pure Bhangra, he is delivering Bhangra seminars. He performed Bhangra right in the middle of the famous Times Square on the energetic Punjabi song, ‘Mundiyan toh bach ke’. He shared this video on his Instagram and captioned the picture too. He wrote about how this moment was his moment of ticking off something from his bucket list. He further wrote about how happy he was over this. 


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Netizens Loved This SIkh Man

The Bhangra video went viral in no time after being posted. The video garnered about 21.4K views by far and more than 21,000 likes. Netizens especially from India loved Hardy’s performance and filled the comments section with sweet emojis. Many people lauded him for his efforts of spreading the Bhangra culture all over the world. People from across the world have liked the video and have commented too. Times Square, the hub of the media and a well-known New Year’s Eve location, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in New York City. 

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