Take The Most Adventurous Trek To Kalavantin Durg In Maharashtra

by Mrunal Mahajan
Take The Most Adventurous Trek To Kalavantin Durg In Maharashtra

Jaw Dropping Trek to Kalavantin Durg
Prabalgad or Kalavantin is situated between Matheran and Panvel and falls under Raigad district at an altitude of 701 meters (2,300 feet) in the Western Ghats. It was originally to keep an eye on Panvel- Kalyan forts. This trek is said to be the deadliest because of its steep and slippery slopes. Especially in the rainy season and it is suggested that only professional trekkers take this adventure.

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How to reach?
Nearest Station – Panvel Railway Station . Beyond that buses, tum tums and local transportation can take you there. Buses start from 5:10 am and last bus from Thakurwadi village to Panvel station is at 8:00 PM. Thakurwadi is the base village of Kalavantin Durg.

Packing Essentials is a must.
Sports shoes, first aid box, water bottle,fruits and snacks and energy bars for the way up. Depending on the season, wear the appropriate clothes and carry only the essentials.

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What Is It?
The trek to Kalavantin Durg is filled with zigzag stairs and steep slopes. It gets more difficult in the rainy season as the edges of the rocky mountains get slippery. As you climb up, the difficulty level increases and it becomes notably steeper. Trekkers must wear shoes with a really good grip and take breaks along the way.
There are options for stay up on the mountain. A lot of trekkers arrange night stay and a two day trek to climb up to the top.

The view from the top is worth all the effort and trekkers usually have the company of a dog along with them as they climb to the top.

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The mountains have no in-habitation so one must always go with an experienced trekker. There are numerous spots to see while climbing up and it’s an hour detour to see those spots. There are one or two waterfalls where you can freshen up and continue climbing.

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What More?
Kalavantin Durg is home to a lot of snakes and one must be really careful on their way, carrying a stick and wearing full clothes is advisable. The view from the top is absolutely soulful and the floating clouds lets you sit there for hours appreciating the beauty!

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With the correct planning and running through all the risks will help you make your trek a memorable one. Casualties should be taken into consideration and one should not underestimate the rocky mountains.

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