Mizoram Has Shops That Run Without Shopkeepers

by Suchismita Pal
Mizoram Has Shops That Run Without Shopkeepers

To maintain social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, Mizoram is practising something that is not just unique, but heart-touching too. Shops in Mizoram are now opening up for the customers but without any shopkeepers. The sellers have kept boxes in the stores for the money to be deposited. The buyers can take the product they need, deposit the money in the box and leave. Thus, these shops are now operating on the foremost principle of trust.

Shops In Mizoram Are Opening Up Without Shopkeepers

This tradition of opening shops without the presence of shopkeepers is known as Nghah-Lou-Dawr in the northeastern state of Mizoram. This practice is common among the inhabitants in and around Mizoram’s Seling. It is just about one and a half hours away from the capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl. The Seling highway has a line-up of shops, selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and other mountain produces. The sellers leave the items in the shop solely on the faith of the customers. Many pictures of this beautiful practice were recently uploaded on social media, and the internet is loving them.

The Chief Minister of Mizoram, Zoramthanga tweeted, ” The year is 2020, #Honesty #Hospitality #Trust comes handy again for #Mizoram during these trying times of #COVID19 outbreak. Traditional Nghah-loh-dawr,(shops without shopkeepers) comes handy for many sellers and buyers in maintaining safe social distancing.”

The custom is symbolic of the trust that the people of Mizoram have on one another. It received many praises from the netizens. One user wrote, “God bless these humanitarians who are helping us to understand the word honest and humility. Blessed!” Another wrote, “Hats off to the people of Mizoram. I love the state.” On that note, know about the gorgeous Reiek Tlang in Mizoram where you can get a blissful taste of adventure.

Picture Credits: Twitter

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What Else?

As per sources, these ‘honesty stores’ are also present in parts of Switzerland and Germany. In India, it is entwined in the Mizo culture. Also, Aizawl in Mizoram has a mini roadside library where people can read books for free. The library was set up as a movement to promote reading. Charming wooden shelves were installed on the roadsides with racks filled with books.

Picture Credits: Hauterfly

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These initiatives by the people prove that the mountainous state of Mizoram is not just a picturesque destination, but it has a fascinating culture too. So, once the pandemic is over, pay a visit to the marvellous ‘land of the Mizos’ to experience the charm of the place in full throttle. Here’s to exploring the offbeat adventures of another north-eastern gem, Meghalaya, from the comfy of your couch: