These IIT Graduates Are Surely Making An Impact On The Environment With Their InfinityBox

by Shreya Rathod 137

Plastic has unknowingly become an essential part of our lives. But Shashwat Gangwal and Keshav Godala, two graduates from IIT Kharagpur are determined to change this. They are the founders of InfinityBox, a startup offering an alternative to plastic containers. With the government’s ban on plastic and a lack of cheaper alternatives, restaurants and small eateries are having a tough time handling food deliveries. InfinityBox comes to the rescue. It aims to replace single-use plastic with reusable and durable containers.

The Idea Behind InfinityBox


Credits: Pexels

According to Shashwat Gangwal,  this startup intends to introduce eco-friendly containers and reduce plastic waste. He further added the unfair use of plastic, and its cost makes this the first choice of many. To increase customer satisfaction, they decided to keep the containers cost-effective. While explaining the business model, Shashwat Gangwal explained how this model works. The representatives will collect the containers and get them washed and ready for reuse. The other way to return the container is to give it back to the delivery executive.

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A Step To Remove Single-Use Plastic Containers

Currently, Social, a chain of restaurants, is utilizing these InfinityBox containers at some of their restaurants. Even Swiggy has customers that are opting for a reusable option. However, the ultimate goal is to remove anything disposable. There is an industrial-sized dishwasher to clean the boxes, and InfinityBox does the inventory itself.

While this is an innovative and eco-friendly way to deliver food, some people are apprehensive about reusing it after the pandemic, and others are concerned about hygiene. Vegetarians might be a little apprehensive about using these containers. Still, InfinityBox has received satisfactory remarks from customers in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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Cover Image Courtesy: InfinityBox & Unsplash