Thieves Climb Switzerland’s Extreme Mountain At A Height Of 2350m Just To Rob A Donation Box

by Shreya Ghosh
Thieves Climb Switzerland’s Extreme Mountain At A Height Of 2350m Just To Rob A Donation Box

How far will you go to get something? Well, we just found out about a group of thieves who climbed Switzerland’s scary scaling height and the news has stunned the world. The thieves attempted the daring act at one of the most treacherous mountain routes in the country. Undergoing such an act while navigating the routes to steal money is surprising the world. The terrain and route are for advanced climbers only and thieves attempting and conquering to reach the destination are grabbing the world’s attention.

Thieves Climbed On A Route Meant For Seasonal Mountaineers Only

viaferrata is a popular climbing group. Taking to the Facebook page, the group once shared that there is a donation box kept at a major altitude of 2,350 metre, according to a report by Khaleej Times. The route is categorised as level 5 and only climbers with extremely advanced skills can conquer the climb.

Taking to the Facebook page, viaferrata recently announced that the money had been stolen.

The group shared an image of a broken box and mentioned how some thieves stole money from the donation box. To be able to reach the destination, one has to be supremely talented and have fantastic mountaineering skills and the thieves conquered the journey, smashed the box, and stole the money. The climbing route includes steel cables, rugged routes, and difficult terrains. Surprisingly, this group of thieves was able to continue on this route, reach the location at such a high altitude, and steal the money as well.

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It Looked Like A Well-Planned Heist!

Picture credit- Canva

Climbing such major terrain and route is not a piece of cake. People who first found out about the theft feel that the thieves planned the robbery properly before attempting it, according to a report by The Times of India- IndiaTimes. Not just the planning, these people also believe that the thieves carried mountaineering kits and equipment as well. They probably used those heavy kits to break and smash open the box to rob the money. The surprising part is that many people feel that thieves didn’t end their climb at an altitude of 2,350 metre. Instead, it looked like they headed to the top of the Lauberhorn, at a height of 2,941 metre.

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We are in shock seeing the audacity of these thieves.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva