This Aesthetic Cafe In Hyderabad Is Straight Out Of An European Lane And Offers Healthy Bowls

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by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 325

We all must have heard from our elderly family members that what we eat reflects on our skin and body. Well, this is so true. Even various studies have shown that our body and its well-being depend on what we eat. But when you are out, it is not always possible to eat healthy food. Well if this is what you think, this cafe in Hyderabad is here to burst your bubble. Zen Bowl in Hyderabad is an Instagram-worthy cafe and also promotes clean eating.

A Chic, Pet-Friendly Cafe In Hyderabad

This cafe in Hyderabad is the most Instagram-worthy space. As soon as you enter the place, you are hit by a beautiful charm that comes from the pastel colours used at the entrance. The entrance has many potted plants with aesthetically pleasing decor around it. The place serves healthy food as it promotes clean eating and the decor sets the same vibe as you enter. It is for sure the greenest cafe in Hyderabad. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating in a very serene environment. The cutlery also beautifully complements the decor. It is also pet friendly so you can easily bring in your furry buddy too.


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Satiate Your Cravings in A Healthy Way

Zen Bowls offers you an extensive menu which is perfectly curated to satiate your cravings most healthily. This cafe in Hyderabad is sure to burst the myth that healthy food is always boring, both to eat and see. Every dish served here is nutritionally complex, colourful and a healthy alternative to your favourite dishes. There are fresh juices, protein shakes, smoothies, salad bowls, fruit bowls, sandwiches and so much more. The flavours and the lovely ambience of the place will surely make you a fan of healthy and clean eating. From Meaty Mexican Scramble Bowl to Roasted Rainbow Veggies, everything is as delightful to taste as their names. They also have an option where you can build your bowl.


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Where: Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Cost For 2: ₹600

Timings: 7am to 12am

So the next time you crave something but want it to be healthy, you know where to head to!

Cover image Courtesy: Instagram/Zen Bowls