This Is The Only Sweet Shop In Mumbai That Makes Sugarless Dry Fruit Sweets

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Do you love sweets but worry about the extra calories the same sweets come with? Well, you do not have to worry about them anymore. We have found an amazing sweet shop in Mumbai which is one of its kind. The reason we called it one of its kind is that it serves sugarless dry fruit sweets. No, you did not read anything wrong. Too good to be true? Well, keep reading.

Sweet Shop In Sion, Mumbai

Jaynis Diet Sweets is a new sweet shop opened in Sion, Mumbai. The name itself speaks about sweets that will not at all mess with your diet or add calories to it. This place makes sweets in the store itself and they have a month of shelf life. These sweets are made without using mawa, milk and sugar. Surprised? Well, that is what they are known for. It is the first and only shop in Mumbai that serves delicious sweets which are not made out of the three most essential ingredients. The sweets are prepared with more healthy ingredients which take away all the pressure of eating loads of sweets and affecting your health.


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Perfect Gifting option

Well, we are sure that when you read that it is sugarless, you will be worried about its taste, but you don’t have to. The sweets taste delicious and you will not even feel the absence of the ingredients like sugar or milk. They serve more than 15 varieties of sugarless sweets in Mumbai. They have a compilation of all their best sweets in a box called Sugarless Diet Sweet Box which is priced at ₹425 and is a perfect option for gifting during the festive season. Their sugar-free rose laddu has already gained a lot of popularity.


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Where: Shop No.14, Shivaji Nagar C.H.S., C-Wing, Bhaudaji Road Extn, opp. Midas Tower, nr. Shalini Bhavan, Sion
Contact: 8104002083

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The next festival, do not forget to try these sugar free sweets in Mumbai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Jaynis Diet Sweets