This Is What Vijay Varma Jokingly Says He Wants To Be In His Next Film

Vijay Varma went on to explain every dish in detail and even gave us recipes which made him jokingly say that he would love to play the character of a housewife

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is What Vijay Varma Jokingly Says He Wants To Be In His Next Film

Vijay Varma along with Sonakshi Sinha joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for an interesting episode of Sunday Brunch. They came together for their recent OTT show, Dahaad, which you can watch on Prime Video. It is a murder-thriller set in Rajasthan. We played a game along the lines of ‘How Well Versed They Are With Each Other’s Food’. During this game, when Vijay explained the dishes along with their recipes, he jokingly said that he would love to play the role of a housewife. Watch the entire wholesome video to know more.

Vijay Varma Jokingly Wants To Play This Role In His Next Film

We played a fun game called ‘How Well Versed They Are With Each Other’s Food’ to know how much they know about each other’s cuisine. Vijay Varma’s roots are from Rajasthan while Sonakshi Sinha’s roots are from Mumbai, completely different states and cuisines. They had to figure out the main ingredient in the dish. We loved to hear their answers and how they kept guessing the actual ingredients.

During this game, it was quite evident that Vijay has a hidden talent which came out only in this episode with Curly Tales. He is quite well aware of most Sindhi dishes and could mention the correct primary ingredients. Kamiya and Sonakshi joked about Vijay being a mysterious chef who is ready to dish out recipes. While he went on to say, “I want to be a housewife next time, in some role.” Kamiya immediately replied that he would be a good housewife.

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Even though our Sunday Brunch conversation became a lot more interesting, Sonakshi Sinha’s attention was more towards food. We absolutely don’t mind that, if we also had a table full of yummy food right in front of us, we would love to concentrate on the food only!

He Is Well Aware About Sindhi Cuisine, A Little Too Much

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We were quite surprised to find out that Vijay Varma not only gave us the recipe for gatte ki sabzi but was quick to mention all the main ingredients of Sindhi foods. Well, we knew he would be on fire when it’s about Rajasthani food but he knew plenty about Sindhi cuisine as well. Hmm, we wonder how he knew so much about Sindhi food. It is still a mystery, let us know in the comments if you come across the answer to this.

On the other hand, Sonakshi Sinha had to guess and take hints for guessing the Rajasthani cuisine. She did say that she enjoyed whatever Rajasthani food she had but didn’t know how they were made or what are the main ingredients used. She also accepted that she wouldn’t be a great housewife for a character because when Kamiya said that Vijay would be a great housewife in a movie, Sonakshi said, “Yeah, I won’t”. Sonakshi it is for a character, doesnt matter if the food is cooked or uncooked, it’s all an act so take a chill pill!

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Comment down below which is your favourite cuisine – Rajasthani or Sindhi.

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