This Man Went On An Epic Road Trip From India To Cambodia With His Mother

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Man Went On An Epic Road Trip From India To Cambodia With His Mother

You might have gone on amazing road trips with your family and friends. But have you ever taken your mom on a road trip? And I mean just you and your mother, out on the road for days, exploring new places, experimenting with different cuisines and cultures while catching up on life, love and everything beyond. Well, while most children take their parents on a pilgrimage, Arjun Khimasia takes his mother on epic road trips, adventure trips and long drives instead. The Indore based Gujarati spice trader went on an epic road trip from India to Cambodia with his mother, and the duo had the time of their lives. This is the story of Arjun Khimasia and his mother who enjoy going on road trips together. And once you know their story, you’d be inspired to take your mom for one too.

Planning The Road Trip From India To Cambodia

The road trip from India to Cambodia was initially planned by Arjun Khimasia and his parents. His parents and he decided to embark on this road trip together. Since they all had an ardent love and passion for travelling, they always dreamed of going on a cross border international road trip together in their own car. The started planning for this road trip from 2013. His parents were excited about this and would often browse the internet for their India to Cambodia road trip. But unfortunately in 2016, his father passed away.

And Arjun had to postpone this road trip for another one to two years. Arjun and his mother finally decided to go on this road trip together and make the most of their passion for travelling and strengthen their bond through the India-Cambodia road trip. So he got in touch with Delhi he started researching and planning for this trip. It took him 1 and a half years to plan everything to the minutest details. Where to stop for loo breaks, which restaurant to stop for the best local cuisine, which unique route to take on the way back, everything was meticulously planned for each day, so he and his mother would have a comfortable trip.

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Once he was done with his planning, he contacted Adventures Overland, a Delhi based travel agency which specializes in organizing cross border road trips. With his detailed plan in hand and with extra assistance from this agency, Arjun Khimasia and his then 65-year-old mother, Nanda Khimasia embarked on a 45-day road trip from India to Cambodia from February 10, 2018 to March 28, 2018.

Arjun And His Mother Embark On A Journey Of A Lifetime

When Arjun and his mother embarked on their first international cross border road trip from Indore, they wanted to explore every nook and cranny that came along their way. They visited Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Manipur. They also drove along to international destinations like Myanmar and Thailand, apart from Cambodia.

They spent around 35 days on international borders and 10 days within national borders. And even though their final destination was Cambodia, they spent the least amount of time there as they mainly wanted to visit Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. Arjun and his mother Nanda spent around 7 to 8 days in Myanmar, 7 to 8 days in Thailand and around 4 days in Cambodia. Arjun planned the trip in such a way that he drove through a different route while coming back from Cambodia. He wanted to explore a different route, exciting roads and experience a breath of fresh air.

And this is exactly what they did. And on 19th February, during his father’s death anniversary, Arjun and his mother serenaded the streets of Burma’s Bagan. It was an emotional moment for them as this is where they wanted to go with his father, and now on his death anniversary, the family finally took this road trip as a tribute to him. And even though he wasn’t physically present, he resided in their hearts, and his presence was felt during this road trip of a lifetime.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Shree Halari Visa Oswal Samaj Indore

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Heartfelt Memories Along The Way

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ this what Arjun and his mother believe in. And even though they are pure vegetarians, and took hoards of Indian snacks from home, (just like their friends and family advised them), funnily enough, they hardly ate any of that. They instead experimented with alot of local cuisine. Arjun planned the trip meticulously and found out the restaurants and eateries that served the best local cuisine in that area. The mother-son duo stopped that those places and requested for local dishes to be served without meat or seafood. And they relished the local spices and cuisines.

Since he comes from a spice background, he and his mother are very particular about the taste and quality of food. And they are always adventurous about exploring new cuisines and flavours. Arjun and his mother relished Thai Curry, munched on boiled vegetables with mustard sauce, rice bran oil and spices and savoured fresh exotic fruits. For Arjun, every meal was a memorable one. Did you know A Mother-Son Duo Is Selling Delish Chaat In Chandni Chowk?

When Arjun and his mother went on their India-Cambodia road trip, they had the Indian Flag furling on their car. Locals in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia would walk up to them and talk about their experiences. They were curious about where Arjun and his mother came from. Many of them hadn’t even seen an Indian passport before. In this manner, the mother-son dup had a lovely time engaging with the locals and sharing their experiences with them.

Nanda Khimasia loved to explore these new destinations and buy books about these places as souvenirs. During the course of their 45-day journey, Arjun and his mother visited Myanmar’s Golden Rock Mountain and majestic pagodas, Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi Islands, known for its destination weddings, Burma’s Inle Lake and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat to name a few of the breathtaking spots on their itinerary. It was spiritual and special. So many years of desire, planning and passion for travelling culminated into this journey of a lifetime.

Arjun’s Message For People Who Want To Go On Cross Border International Road Trips

For those of you who might want to go on a cross border international trip with your parents, elders or friends and family, here are some things you must keep in mind according to Arjun Khimasia. First of all, make sure you stop at a place which has good, clean and hygienic washrooms. The place you stop for a loo break places an important part in making your journey comfortable. Next, research well and have delicious, hygienic meals at good restaurants that serve the best local cuisine. And finally, end your day in a good, comfortable hotel. These are simple things but they play an important role in making your road trip a comfortable one. Here are 10 Roadtrips That Are Perfect For The Monsoons

When it comes to Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, there’s a mandatory rule that foreign person travelling in a foreign vehicle will be given an escort vehicle and an English speaking guide from the Ministry of Tourism of that place. This will be done to make sure the safety of the tourist and country is in good hands. So when you plan a cross border international road trip, make sure you research and plan well keeping in mind the minutest of details.

Arjun And His Mother’s Love For Travel

Nanda Khimasia, Arjun’s mother was asked by many people who would she manage during this long road trip. Arjun himself told his mom that it would be a 40-50 days road trip, and they might face difficulties in terms of food and fatigue. But she remained determined and unperturbed. From day one, her excitement for this road trip had no bounds. She didn’t even realise how the days passed during this trip. She remembered the time she went on her first trip with her husband after her marriage. A Mysuru Man Took His Mother On 48,000 km Pilgrimage On Scooter

They went to Jammu, and at that time, Nanda Khimasia enjoyed travelling on houseboats and exploring the gorgeous destination with her late husband. Now, Nanda and Arjun enjoy their road trips together, venturing out into the roads for a day together, with the presence of their father forever with them. Arjun takes his mother on road trips within India, whenever he goes for a business meeting. His mother is always excited to join him and she has made herself accustomed to the long road journey. They plan to go on a road trip from India to London whenever they can. And they wish to continue bonding together and keeping their father’s memories alive through travel. Arjun and his mother’s story is indeed an inspiring one. Just like Arjun, here’s why you must travel with your mother at least once in a lifetime.