Tokyo Gets 2 New Vending Machines That Dispense Soup & Pasta Made With Veggies That Get Discarded Otherwise

by Tooba Shaikh
Tokyo Gets 2 New Vending Machines That Dispense Soup & Pasta Made With Veggies That Get Discarded Otherwise

Tokyo, and Japan in general, is famous for its creative vending machines. You can find practically anything at vending machines in Japan. Well now, with this ambitious new project, Japan is aiming at combining the convenience of vending machines with waste management. Tokyo has come up with innovative new vending machines that will help in preventing food waste. This new trend is experimental but if successful, it will help reduce food-related waste significantly.

New Vending Machine in Tokyo Helps Prevent Food Waste

The Telecom giant company NTT East has initiated a new experimental vending machine that aims at reducing food waste. These experimental vending machines are created in collaboration with two restaurants in Saitama city and sell five items including an assortment of soups and pasta. These meals are frozen to extend their shelf life.

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So how exactly does it help prevent food waste?

Well, the meals are prepared using vegetables that are out of shape or otherwise considered substandard by the consumers. Please note that these vegetables are still edible and completely healthy to eat. Such out-of-shape vegetables usually end up in waste since no one will buy them. By using these vegetables to make meals, the vending machine, therefore, prevents them from going to waste, thus reducing the waste amount.

Vending Machines in Tokyo
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The Vending Machine Keeps Track of the Data

These experimental vending machines also keep track of data like the gender and age of the buyer. It does this with the help of a camera placed inside the vending machine. The purpose of this data collection is to help better meet the demands of specific groups.

The test run for these machines started in November and will continue till March.

According to NTT East, the company whose initiative these vending machines are, the success of these experimental vending machines could be a boon for restaurants that suffered heavy losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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