Travelling From Delhi To Chandigarh In Just 2 Hours Will Become A Reality By 2023

by Kanika Sharma
Travelling From Delhi To Chandigarh In Just 2 Hours Will Become A Reality By 2023

Chandigarh is the closest getaway for most Delhiites who want to escape for the city for the weekend. If not getaway, that’s also the first stop for many people who are heading to the hills. But what normally is 4-hour long drive, could soon just take about 2 hours. Numerous highway projects, the work for which is expected to be completed by 2023, might reduce the driving time to ‘The City Beautiful’.

Reach Chandigarh From Delhi In 2 Hours By 2023

According to various news reports, the National Highway Authority of India has decided to speed up its four key projects. These include the Dwarka Expressway, Urban Extension Road in Delhi, Trans- Haryana and Delhi-Amritsar- Katra expressways. With an aim to complete all these projects by 2023, the authority plans to work on an extremely tight timeline. This will help in cutting down a few kilometres and also, the driving time will further reduce making it very easy for people to reach Chandigarh from Delhi in just about 2 hours’ time. In fact, another highway project is expected to come up that will reduce the driving time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours!

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You Will Be Allowed To Drive On These Highways At 120 Km/ Hr

Once the highway projects are complete, it will reduce the distance between Delhi to Chandigarh from 260 kms to 240 kms. Even though the different is only about 20 kms, the highways will have an upper speed limit. According to an official, people will be allowed to drive at 120 kms/ hr on these highways. Since the road is expected to be smooth and not quite jam-packed, people will be able to cover the 240 km distance in about 2 hours’ time.

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The driving time from Delhi to Chandigarh is around 4 hours right now. It is also the key route for those who want to travel to Himachal Pradesh or further up for a holiday. Once these new highway projects are completed, it will reduce the hassle of long and tiring road trips by a large margin. After all, it is expected that road trips will be the new way to travel in the coming years.