UAE: People, Keep These 10 Traffic Rules In Mind During The National Day Celebration 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UAE: People, Keep These 10 Traffic Rules In Mind During The National Day Celebration 

UAE National Day is just around the corner, and the celebrations are going to be larger than life. The long weekend of celebration is going to be super fun and an unforgettable experience for all those who will be witnessing it. All the Emirates are going to great lengths to make sure they celebrate this day with the utmost grandeur. To make sure that the celebrations go smoothly, the UAE has now issued some traffic rules and guidelines for people to follow.

UAE National Day Traffic Rules

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior issued some guidelines to ensure public safety and the smooth operation of the celebration. They have asked the people to abide by the rules very strictly. The Ministry looks after the police operations in the country and has given out rules related to vehicles and traffic regulations.

  • The traffic rules and regulations given out by the police have to be followed.
  • The vehicle’s licence plate, whether front or back, cannot be removed.
  • No blackouts or windshield tinting will be allowed.
  • It is forbidden to write any phrases or stick any offensive stickers on the vehicle.
  • The authorised number of passengers in a vehicle has to be followed.
  • No opening of sun roofs during car rides.
  • No extensions to the vehicle that restrict visibility will be allowed.
  • No unlicensed additions to the vehicle’s engine structure or any noise materials will be allowed.
  • Motorists should be careful not to block others’ roads.
  • Be it an external road or an internal road, reckless driving is restricted.
  • No stickers or sunshades are to be used to cover the side windows, front, or back of the vehicle.
  • No use of any type of spray is allowed by pedestrians, passengers, or motorists.

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UAE’s Atmosphere Is Filled With Enthusiasm

The other rules include no marching or random gathering. The atmosphere in the UAE is filled with happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm as it prepares to celebrate its national day on December 2nd. The celebrations will begin on December 1 and last until December 5. With numerous shows, concerts, live performances, shopping offers, laser light shows, and fireworks shows, this year’s celebration will surely be more grand than the last.

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Make sure you abide by the rules and enjoy the celebration.

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