Ukraine-Returned Medical Students Not Permitted To Continue Studies In India

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ukraine-Returned Medical Students Not Permitted To Continue Studies In India

In devastating news for thousands of Ukraine-returned Indian students who were forced to evacuate the country due to its war with Russia, the Indian government has announced that it won’t be able to accommodate them in Indian universities. This is indeed a matter of concern as these students cannot travel back to Ukraine and continue their studies due to the existing war situation. So, their future currently remains in despair. Read on to know more.

Govt Says No Provision To Accommodate Students in India

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Bharti Pravin Pawar revealed to Rajya Sabha that the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 and National Medical Commission Act, 2019  don’t have such provisions to accommodate or transfer these medical students from foreign medical universities. She further added that NMC has not allowed these foreign medical students to be transferred or accommodated in any Indian medical college.

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Students Start Hunger Strike In Delhi To Protest

These Indian students had to leave their course midway in Ukraine after Russia declared war on the country. Over 20,000 Indian students who returned from Ukraine in Februrary and March remain in despair about their future. With their degrees in jeopardy, medical students from Ukraine took to the streets of Delhi for a hunger strike to draw attention to their plight.