6 Unexplored Hill Stations In India You Can Go After The Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
6 Unexplored Hill Stations In India You Can Go After The Pandemic

Go to any traveller’s Instagram page, and you will find their feed littered with pictures of Ladakh, Manali, Tawang and the likes. Sure the famous hill stations in India are nothing less than surreal, but if you want a getaway to a quiet place where it is just you who would be talking to nature, these new hill stations should be on your list. Each one of them is a real find!

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1. Damro, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is indeed the hotspot of Arunachal Pradesh but this original village of the Adi Padam tribe, is worth a visit. Damro is also famous for its hanging bridge that sways gently over a silvery slash of River Yamne. Visit Damro and get an insight into their unique Donyi-Polo culture, centred on the worship of the sun and the moon. When there, try the local staple of smoked pork, lai, raja chilli chutney and apong (rice beer). 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Ziro In Arunachal Pradesh Over The Scottish Pastures.

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2. Mainpat, Chattisgarh

You may have visited the gompas of Sikkim, Dharamshala, or Ladakh and even the monasteries of Bylakuppe in Karnataka, but have you heard of the Tibetan settlement in the hills of central India? Mainpat a find! Divided into seven camps supporting a a 2,000-strong population, the key attraction is the Thakpo Shedupling Monastery which houses old thangkas, murals, and a solar heater that boils water and cooks rice in flat 30 minutes. When there, head to the scenic viewpoints such as Mehta Point, Tiger Point and Jaljali.

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3. Haflong, Assam

Haflong is the only hill station of Assam with a realm of verdant green hills, majestic hills, flowing streams and waterfalls. The Haflong hill and the Haflong lake are among the principal attractions here. Haflong hill can be a perfect spot to have family picnics or stroll around with your fellow travellers. This is India’s Longest Rail Road Bridge In Assam.

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4. Shimoga, Karnataka

This hill station in Karnataka is not only home to several waterfalls, mountains, scenic beauty and trekking gorge, but also wildlife. The place can be a photographer’s utopia. Do not miss out on the sight-seeing spots like the Jog Falls, Ganjur Dam, Thirthalli, Agumbe, Kodachadri mountain, Sharavathi Wild Life Sanctuary and Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary. Did you know Pithrody Beach In Karnataka Lies Between A River And A Sea?

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5. Turtuk Ladakh

The next time you visit Ladakh, do make a pit stop at Turtuk which is located on the bank of Shyok River. The spot is embellished with barley fields and stone houses and encompassed by the peaks of Karakoram. The destination is fantastic for anyone who wishes to see early Tibetan and Indo-Aryan civilisations. There is an also small gallery in Turtuk where several relics like an old snow leopard snare and a lapis lazuli encrusted sword from the Yagbo Dynasty of Baltistan province are preserved. These 5 Bollywood Movies Will Transport You To The Gorgeous Setting Of Ladakh.

6. Pabbar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

If you want to avoid all the crowd in Shimla, drive 131 kilometres to Rohru. Here the foaming Pabbar river carries on its journey into a lush valley with woodlands, fields, and apple orchards. The river is packed with fish, and makes an excellent destination for those who like to go fishing. You would love the Chanshal Pass Trek that converges on the fascinating spots in Pabbar. Here are 10 Reasons To Visit Kalpa Instead Of Spiti In Himachal Pradesh.

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Go to these hill stations before they become mainstream.