5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Ziro In Arunachal Pradesh Over The Scottish Pastures

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Ziro In Arunachal Pradesh Over The Scottish Pastures

The next time you plan to visit the lush green pastures of Scotland indulge in savoury meat pudding of Haggis and holiday at a simple countryside, remember that you can have all this and more in India, at half the cost and twice the fun. How and where? Well, the answer is Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro. A cradle to a unique Apa Tani tribe and an abode of pine hills and rice fields, Ziro is definitely India’s answer to the Scottish pastures. And if you’re still not convinced, then here are 5 reasons why you must plan a trip to Ziro. So go #Vocalforlocal and replace international destinations with its better domestic counterparts. 

1. Lush Greenery And Breathtaking Paddy Fields

This beautiful hill station of Ziro is situated 1500 m above sea level in Arunachal Pradesh. It has an imposing landscape of lush green forests, elevated patches and rivulets. Ziro is known for its paddy cum pisciculture cultivation. With a mesmerising terrace, paddy fields, its truly a sight to behold. The best part about Ziro is that you can experience pleasant weather throughout the year. The light green rice paddy fields, dark green meadows, you know you can experience beautiful shades of greenery here in this hill station in North East. So if its greenery and pleasant weather that you seek, then why even go to Scotland right? And don’t get green with envy you guys. You can always plan a trip here soon.

ziro arunachal pradesh
Picture Credits: Ziro Tourism

2. Unique Tribal Culture Like No Other

Travelling is one of the best learning experiences that there ever is. Nature and people are undoubtedly the best teachers. Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro also offers you lot of learning opportunities. The Apatani tribe in Ziro have unique cultural practices that will surely fascinate you. In fact, the women of this tribe practice a custom of getting facial tattoos. They do this as they believe that women of the Apatani tribe are so beautiful, that they must tattoo their faces and wear nose plugs to prevent men from other tribes to steal them away. Well, this practice is less prevalent now, but nonetheless it was a part of their culture. Apatani tribes, unlike other tribes, practice permanent wetland cultivation in hilly areas. They are also non-nomadic in nature. So when you visit Ziro, you can definitely get the chance to learn about different cultures and truly fascinating locals.

ziro arunachal pradesh
Picture Credits: Cezary Wyszynski/Solent News

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3. Ziro Offers Pleasant Weather Throughout The Year

If you were to visit the Scottish pastures, you’d probably end up visiting their during the summer or spring, in order to not catch frostbite during the chilly winters. But here in Ziro, you can experience amazing weather throughout the year. The meadows, unprecedented greenery are some of the reasons this hill station enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The summer months of April to June can get a bit warm, but nevertheless it’s still bearable heat. However, most people prefer to visit Ziro in September as they can be part of the Ziro Music Festival.

ziro arunachal pradesh
Picture Credits: Facebook/ Ziro Tourism

4. India’s Top Music Festival- The Ziro Music Festival

Don’t we just love music festivals? Well, Ziro hosts one of India’s most celebrated music festivals, the Ziro Music Festival. The ardent love for music of the locals gave rise to this festival. The Ziro Music Festival celebrates music and people. Set up in the most serene location of this country, it attracts visitors from all across the world. This 4-day festival is held in the month of September. Every genre of music like indie, alternative, fusion, funk, rock and, at times, some heavy metal acts are played here throughout the day and night. This festival is seen as a medium to promote tourism in the Northeast. So if you’re a music lover, then maybe you should ditch the Scottish pastures for Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro.

ziro arunachal pradesh
Picture Credits: Facebook/ Ziro Festival of Music

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5. Unique Sightseeing Spots Like Tarin Fish Farm & Meghna Cave Temple In Ziro

WIth a rich tribal culture and greenery that meets the skies, Ziro is a true traveller’s delight. This hill station offers travellers an opportunity to visit unique sightseeing spots. Visitors must head to the Tarin Fish Farm and Paddy Cultivation. Since paddy cultivation is a major occupation in Ziro, you can experience the green paddy fields first hand here. You can witness varieties of rice and one variety of fish breeding in the water. Apart from this tall bamboo and pine trees surround these paddy fields. Take your cameras with you, as you wouldn’t want to get green with envy. Apart from this, the 5000-year-old Meghna Cave Temple must also be on your bucket list. It’s a popular pilgrimage spot situated 3000 feet above sea levels. So enjoy panoramic views of the dense forests and majestic mountains while you explore the ancient cave.

ziro arunachal pradesh
Picture Credits: blog.savaari.com

So we have given you 5 solid reasons why you must choose Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro over the Scottish pastures. You just have to visit the Ziro to experience lush greenery, rich culture, delicious food and everything without burning a hole in your pocket. In the meanwhile, visit the neighbouring North East sister, Meghalaya through this virtual tour.