Uttar Pradesh Highways To Have Solar Lights And Speed Cams To Curb Accidents

by Sanjana Shenoy
Uttar Pradesh Highways To Have Solar Lights And Speed Cams To Curb Accidents

India annually records 22 per cent growth in the automobile industry but the increasing number of accidents often become major challenges for the country. To ensure such consequences India is taking drastic steps. Earlier, passenger cable cars were seen as a great alternative to prevent road accidents. Apart from cable cars, in Uttar Pradesh, highways will have solar lights and speed cameras to curb accidents. Read on to know more.

Road Accidents In Uttar Pradesh To Be Reduced With Solar Lights & Speed Cams

Uttar Pradesh will install solar lights and speed cameras along all its national and state highways to curb accidents. A state official informed Hindustan Times that the toll fee on the roads includes the cost of maintenance for the solar lights. UP chief secretary informed the measures taken to curb road accidents during a high-level meeting of the State Road Safety Fund. Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, UP chief secretary, informed Hindustan Times, “The maximum speed limit must be fixed between two toll booths on the national highways and vehicles taking less average time than the fixed limit should be fined as is done on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway.”

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This system is called the Average Speed Prosecution regime. It’s followed for long-distance highways across the world.  Tiwari also stated to officials that the road construction agencies made sure that speed signs are installed as per specifications. He further informed that bridges that need repairing or reconstruction must be identified. The work must also start soon for it. Meanwhile, if you visit Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, do check out these dishes that you must try.