11 Ventures That Arrange Awesome Solo Trips For Women In India & Across The World

Women travel enthusiasts, if you've always wanted to explore around the world, then here's your chance!

by Ankita Mazumdar
11 Ventures That Arrange Awesome Solo Trips For Women In India & Across The World

Solo travel is truly a liberating experience. Without having to compromise on the preferences of your partner or family, explore the places you truly wish to and just make full use of the opportunity to glance inwards. Ladies! If the concerns of safety and the overwhelming confusion on where and how to plan your trip, have held you back from pursuing your solo travel dreams, then we’ve got your back. Here are some ventures that arrange amazing solo trips for women,  both within and outside India. It’s time not to let go of those hesitations and dive deep into the world of solo travel.

Watch Out For These 11 Exciting Companies That Host Solo Trips For Women

1. Women On Wanderlust (The WOW Club)

The WOW Club, or Women on Wanderlust is a Bangalore-based travel venture that was founded by Sumitra Senapaty in 2005. This travel platform ensures to make solo travel super easy and comfortable for women.  Lay down your hair as the WOW Club shall take care and plan your itinerary and travel arrangements without having to empty your pockets. Choose from a range of packages like Adventure, Heritage and more, depending in your preferences. From exploring Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza, relaxing in Bali, nesting in a houseboat in Kerala to roaming the streets of Italy, your dream vacation is totally taken care of.

2. Girls On The Go (GOTG)

Travel enthusiasts, if you’ve always wanted to push the envelope and explore hidden gems across the world, then here’s your chance. Girls on the Go (GOTG) founded by a corporate lawyer, Piya Bose in 2008 helps women explore exotic destinations and fulfil their adventures. Women travellers can go camping in Mongolia, witness the Northern Lights, cruise Antarctica and whatnot! In fact GOTG has also helped women over the age of 90 to travel to exotic destinations. Specially abled women using wheelchairs even dived underwater thanks to this inspiring travel platform. They definitely got you, girl!

3. Jugni


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Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar, two young entrepreneurs founded Jugni to help women travel independently, so they can achieve their fullest potential. Women, with Jugni you can go for both solo and group trips with 14 people in a group. Explore the gorgeous natural beauty of the North East, unravel mysteries of Rajasthan,  witness the magnificence of the Himalayas and relax in Georgia.  Jugni will customise your trips according to your specifications. Whether it’s solo or group trips, you know you will have an empowering time.

4. Ladakhi Women Travel Company

It’s truly an empowering feeling to stay in homestays run by women, trek up mountains with women guides and porters. If you wish to be part of such strong, feminine travel energy, then Ladakhi Women Travel Company is your abode. Founded by one of Ladakh’s renowned female guide, Thinlas Chorol, this travel company ensures your dream trip to Ladakh is fulfilled in style. Stay in homestays operated by women, immerse yourself in the culture of the hilly region and go on customised tours and treks with female guides in Ladakh. The monasteries, Nubra Valley, and Hemis National Park are some of the places you can visit here.

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5. Wovoyage


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Did you ever want to have your own Eat Pray Love moment? Go on solo trips to fascinating international destinations, feast on exquisite cuisines and plunge into exotic cultures? Well, Wovoyage is an international all-women travel group which will take care of your heart’s desire. With three branches in Delhi, Tokyo and Sydney this company unite Indians and globetrotters from abroad. You can either choose a fixed itinerary or get one customised for yourself. Visit Indian destinations like Goa, McLeodganj and Rajasthan. International destinations include Greece, Bali, Bhutan and even Japan.

6. Women on Clouds


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Want to go on a solo trip but can’t be away from your kids for long? Women on Clouds got your back! They also have travel packages divided among different categories like budget and travel acquirements. Women on Clouds is not just limited to trips but they also have a private members-only club called ‘White Clouds’ that holds various workshops for connecting with like-minded people and networking. So you may hop in on that if that’s your thing.

7. Byond Travel


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They have women groups, trips for the age group of 18 to 35 and one for budget trips. Byond Travel have classified groups and you may choose one that suits you the most. They have lavish trips under nominal prices that will absolutely take you beyond with them to Japan Cherry Blossom or Turkey for Hot Air Balloons for sunsets and more. 

8. F5 Escapes


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Another great solo trip option for women is F5 Escapes. Escape into the incredible madness of Indian states like Nagaland, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh and more. They plan their travel tours in a manner that might coincide with cultural events or festivals. To experience a festival and fully immerse yourself in it increases the value of your trip by 10 times. Earlier it was just Indian states but now they have trips to Sri Lanka as well!

9. The Flapper Life


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That is quite a quirky name and we like it! The Flapper Life is known to focus on local places and spread the word about the local culture and everything about their lives. The Flapper coaches are very fun to travel with as it is an all-female team. The coaches are termed as ‘Flapper Buddy’! They do both national and international trips, go check out their website for your next solo trip.

10. Women Travelling Together

This company was founded back in 1997 and is perfect for solo travel for women! It was founded by Debra Asberry who had a liking for travel but not solo, hence the name. A good thing about them is that they release a full trip calendar for the entire year so you may book with them months in advance! Yes, they have a trip till December, this year. Head over to their website as they sell out quickly.

11. Wander Womaniya

You don’t gotta wonder too much when you are with Wander Womaniya! You simply just gotta wander. They are open to all age groups of women for solo trips and that too in a very pocket-friendly manner. Also, they fly all the way over to the magical Northern Lights! One great thing about this company is that they are open to solo queer travellers!

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Beautiful Gals! These are 11 ventures perfect for you to go on solo trips or group tours to meet and get to know strong women like you better. There’s nothing stopping you from conquering the world.

Inputs by Sanjana Shenoy and Ankita Mazumdar

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