Viral: Father Asks Toddler To Pay For Meals At A Restaurant And His Reaction Is Too Adorable

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral: Father Asks Toddler To Pay For Meals At A Restaurant And His Reaction Is Too Adorable

What do you think is the biggest advantage of living a life as a young baby? We feel that one of the biggest advantages is to get whatever you want and you don’t even have to pay for that. The elder members of your family are there to take care of all your desires and wants. In fact, the young members are not accustomed to paying for anything by themselves at a young age. And it might come as a shock to them when someone asks them to spend money on something. Such a video went viral recently when a father asks his toddler to pay the bill after having a meal in a restaurant. The reaction is so adorable to watch.

Father Asks Toddler To Pay At A Restaurant

It has been a few days since a video of a father and his son interacting in a restaurant is doing the rounds on social media platforms. Derek Lipp is a Tiktok creator from Michigan and he uploaded this video of him talking with his son on his Instagram handle (dereklipp_). We can see in the video that the toddler is having a fun time gorging on some fried foods in a restaurant and Derek suddenly passes the bill to him. Derek tells him that it is his turn to pay the bill. ‘Can you pay this? It’s your turn to pay. You got money?’ On hearing this question the boy feels a bit confused. When his father asks him again ‘do you have money?’, the young boy answers and gives the most adorable reaction. He asks his father to pay the bill now and he will return him the money as soon as they get back home. Hearing this Derek starts laughing at the camera and tells the kid that it is a joke, ‘No, I’m kidding!’ Check out this fun video here:

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This video is getting lots of love from all around the globe. Everyone is finding the reaction of the toddler very cute and loveable. Presently, this viral video has over 7.6 million views, more than 311K likes, and 1400 comments. The comment section is filled with netizens’ amusement to see Derek’s tiny toddler willing to pay the bill.

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