Woman Who Lost Her Luggage In Airport Finds It 2100Km Away Via Online Pic

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Who Lost Her Luggage In Airport Finds It 2100Km Away Via Online Pic

Have you ever panicked just because you forgot to add something important to your luggage? Well then imagine the amount of panic and trouble that might have caused when a woman lost all her luggage when she flew down for a family holiday. The woman lost her luggage on a TUI flight and also found it but not in reality. She only spotted it around 2100 KM away from her. 

Woman Spotted Her Luggage In An Online Article

Laura Simpson, a 35-year-old woman went to Menorca island in the Mediterranean Sea with her family on a vacation. As they reached their destination, they saw that their suitcases were missing. The TUI airline tried to find her luggage for hours but they couldn’t find it. Two days later, Laura spotted her suitcase in an online article. The article was about rows of luggage being lined up at the Manchester airport. She then informed the airlines that she had seen the luggage but only online as the luggage was never sent to her nor did anyone try to contact her. 

PIc Credits: IT News

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Days Of Struggle Without Luggage


Laura spoke to a person from the airline who said that they had closed the investigation thinking the bags were returned but now have opened up the investigation again knowing that the luggage has not reached Laura. Her suitcases had medicines for asthma and eczema. The airline had given them €25 per suitcase per day and they have to travel to a nearby town to buy underwear as the place they landed in sold a swimsuit for €45 alone. They have been surviving 27 degrees in jeans and hoodies. One of the kids needs his medicines if he flares up but all of it is in the suitcase. 

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