World’s Highest Ultra Marathon Of 72 Km To Khardung La In Ladakh Opens For Registration For Sept 2021

by Drishti
World’s Highest Ultra Marathon Of 72 Km To Khardung La In Ladakh Opens For Registration For Sept 2021

Ready? Set? Run!!! Wait up though. This one is more than running. People, gather the best of your courage, endurance, and resilience, because we’re talking about the Khardung La Challenge here! Now we know that running for 72 kms while touching an altitude of 17,618 ft isn’t quite what you’d expect, but that’s what the challenge is about. If it helps, the stunning views of the mountains and pasture lands around will be unlike any other! (Word of caution: Kindly check out all the details and eligibility criteria before making a run for this one.)

The Khardung La Challenge: Dare To Run At 17,618 Ft?

Get your beast mode on because this one is not for the faint-hearted! The Khardung La Challenge is organised by Ladakh Marathon, and is apparently the World’s Highest Ultra Marathon. A major part of the entire course of 72 km touches heights above 14,000 ft! The highest participants will be running at is about 17618 ft. This thrilling challenge in Ladakh is open to Indians as well as other nationals above 20 years of age. Also, you need to have a solid ultra-marathon experience to be eligible to apply for the Khardung La Challenge, as per Ladakh Marathon’s website.

khardung la challenge ladakh
Picture Credits: Ladakh Marathon/ Facebook

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Marathon Route: Cover 72 Km In 14 Hours

The Khardung La Challenge marathon route is a trail of over 72 km from Khardung village to Leh Market, divided into four stages. The first stage is from Khardung Village, to Khardungla Top, which stretches over 32.2 km. The second stage is from Khardungla Top to South Pulu, covering a distance of 14.3 km. The third stage is from South Pulu to Mendak Mor, stretching over 12.1 km. The final stage, called ‘Finisher’ stage, is from Mendak Mor to Leh Market. Mind you, the overall cut-off time is 14 hours, and there’s also a cut-off time for each stage!

khardung la challenge ladakh
Picture Credits: Ladakh Marathon/ twitter

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Up For The World’s Highest Ultra Marathon? Note These Points!

If you plan on participating in the Khardung La Challenge: the world’s highest ultra marathon, here’s what else you should know:

  • The race will begin on September 10, 2021 at 3 am.
  • Participants need to report at 09 am on September 9, 2021 at the Ladakh Marathon Hub.
  • From there, they’ll be taken to homestays in Khardung Village, which is the starting point.
  • Participants are to carry their own sleeping bags and headlamps.
  • Registration fee for Indian participants from outside Ladakh is ₹ 11,000.
  • Hydration and aid stations will be set up at every 5 km, providing water, energy drinks and healthy snacks.
  • Baggage deposit facilities will be available at the starting point.
Picture Credits: Ladakh Marathon/ Facebook

Well, that sounds like some crazy adventure! Wait, make sure you check out the elgibilty criteria, rules and more details here. So yeah, Ready, Set, Run!